Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh SAHMing

I guess I've kind of been a SAHM for the past 6 months, but it really feels different now that I'm not even going to classes.  Z goes to school 3 days per week, so I can write, but other than that it's just me and her. I still haven't been able to organize our days in the way I would like.  We're not being all that productive, doing activities, making crafts.  Usually I'm just trying to get a few things done throughout the day, make us breakfast, maybe wash the dishes, make lunch, put her down for a nap, and if I'm lucky maybe throw together something for Liam for when he gets home at 3:30, since he doesn't get a lunch break.  Those are good days, but today has actually been a bit better.  Z seems to be finding her comfort zone in the house and less dependent on having me in the room with her for every single second.  She actually let me wash dishes while she played with a big stack of plastic cups in the living room while sitting on her baby stool.  I also washed dishes while she played in the pots and pans cupboard and there wasn't one freak out on her part.  She's getting used to the house and I'm very happy about that.  What I have come to realize is that I can't wait to get a job, not only because it will help us to pay off my loans and the mortgage on the house in the UK a lot faster, but also because I actually enjoy working.  I do like spending time with Z and being home with her, but doing it indefinitely is something that would probably make me go insane!  So I'll have fun while we have these days together!  

As far as papers go, I'm good with all of that.  Finished a 6 pager yesterday and I am on target to finish things up without having a mental breakdown...I hope.  I think we're settling on me not taking the bar in July, but taking it in July instead.  I'll only be 2.5 months post baby and if last time was any indication I'll need at least a month to feel like a normal non-zombie human being.  Plus we have a wedding to fly out for that is all happening the same week at the bar exam.  I think the real reason is that there isn't any rush, plus BarBri is crazy expensive!  Since the job hunt is taking such a non-normal route and pretty much no one knows what to do with me, I'll just take my time, find the best jurisdiction for what I'll be doing and pick it all back up later in the year.  It's not 100% at this point, but this is what we're thinking...

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