Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Family Visit

My mom and grandmother have finally bought their tickets to fly over for Boo's arrival.  I didn't think they were going to come because we couldn't fully find the tickets this year.  We gave them the equivalent of one ticket, which they could split or just use for my grandmother since she isn't working.  We have also asked my grandmom to stay for an extra week.  She seems ok with that, but worried my grandfather won't like it.  Well I say he's just going to have to deal.  I love my grandfather, but the man spends about 19 hours/day in his room watching old cowboy movies with a pair of cargo shorts over his pjs and pockets full of pens, pencils, mints, etc.  I don't think he should really be dictating anyone's international travel schedule.  Aside from the trips to the airport, picking kids up from school or the train station, which we are all very grateful for, he's pretty much a homebody.  So my mom will be here for 2 weeks and my grandmother for 3.  We would have preferred 4 weeks, but we weren't going to push it.

I'm a little excited and also worried.  Last time I was so focused on entertaining them and this time with Z and Boo I think I'm just going to be too pooped.  But it will be nice to have them here when we go to the hospital, so they can look after Z.  She's going to freaking love it!  It will be nice to have a semi-full house.  My grandmom will also bring over all of her cooking supplies, which takes a whole other level of stress out of the new arrival.

A friend, Chris, said something to me today that made me think about my new arrival in more concrete terms.  We haven't found out the sex, so it will be a big surprise and I think Liam and I are just both in the mindset that this will be a girl.  My family is very female heavy.  I'm the oldest of 4 girls, followed by a boy born when I was 18.  I was never really around him as a baby and growing up.  I'm the oldest grandchild of 14, although it's pretty much half and half the boys were either too close in age to me or far enough away that I was in college and didn't babysit them.  I guess the reason it struck me is that I don't know if having a boy will feel any different for me.  Will I do the same things?  Will I treat this potential boy the same way I treat Z?  I don't find the way we are with her to be particularly girl oriented.  Other than me trying to put a barrette in her hair once in a while and having her rip it out I think we've been pretty good at making sure she has dinosaurs and dolls to play with.  I guess the idea of raising a boy is just something that never really planted itself in my mind, until now.  Sweet Jesus this baby is right around the corner and trying to make his/her way out Alien-style as we speak.

And I'm down to one paper to go.  6 little single spaced pages left and I'm a graduate! (as long as I don't fail any classes or have made some kind of credit miscalculation, yikes)

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