Wednesday, April 4, 2012

FIL Left Yesterday

Liam was really bummed by his dad leaving.  He actually got a little emotional about it.  Not as emotional as I got when we flew from the US, but still a bit teary-eyed.  It really is amazing how having kids transforms the relationships you have with your parents and grandparents (in my case).  I think part of it is the fact that FIL is in his 70s as are my grandparents, so seeing them bond with Z and play with her and have her run up and give them big hugs and climb onto their lap with as many books as she can hold really is special.  And knowing that there is the possibility that something will happen to them and she won't remember this time is really sad.  But we get to see FIL and the rest of that side of the family in 3 months, so I'm sure she'll still remember him and if she doesn't, well she warms up to people super quickly.  FIL just spent tons of time laughing and playing with Z and being really impressed by her fearlessness and ability to flirt with anyone.  She'll get along just great with her little cousin Tom who is a year older.  I can see her trying to wrestle him to the ground in the first few minutes of that meeting.  With the exception of the seriously annoying "ta ta" sound that he made that was meant to be thank you, but seemed to replace most normal words in a sentence, such as "Ta ta Z the book, ta ta," while pointing at a book and the table.  Z would look at him like "Huh?" And then I would say "Z, grandpop wants you to pick the book up off the floor and put it on the table." Then she would look at me, like thanks for the translation and do it.  Other than that, the visit was really great.   

We discussed yesterday that we totally get how parents fall into the our kid is so special trap.  Our frame of reference is so limited to Z and we aren't really up on developmental milestones that should be reached or are reached ahead of time.  We just know that there are 4 year old kids who seem to be totally thrown by her ability to keep up with them, climb over what they are climbing and wrestle with them whenever she gets the chance.  She also has most of her regular animal sounds down, including a few out there ones like elephant, thanks to Dear Zoo.  Her newest discovery is her name.  She always responded when we called it, but now she says it and points to herself and then she will point to me and say Mommy and point to Liam and say Daddy.  She just woke up yesterday doing it.  She has also picked up "Oh Jeez" as the go to whenever there is a problem doing something, something falls or just general frustration.  This comes from driving in the car with Liam where he has to restrain himself from using his usual angry phrases when driving.  All in all, we try to refrain from falling into the "Well Z is doing this" unless people ask about her.
(Limited time only: Z enjoys shoes just as much as her father)

Oh and I have a baby due in just under 5 weeks.  Holy crap! That said, I still forget I'm pregnant unless I'm trying to get up from the bed or Boo is scaling the walls of my stomach.  Three things I'm looking forward to over the next couple of weeks 1) finally getting to go to a fondue restaurant I've been dreaming about for months 2) finishing these freaking papers 3) starting my freezer meal group and not needing to worry about cooking dinner for a while.

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