Monday, April 23, 2012

First Swimming Lesson

Z had her first swimming lesson last Friday.  Liam went into the pool with her and I watched from the sidelines.  She LOVED it, as we knew she would and she totally freaked out when it was time to get out. But she did throughly enjoyed the swimming part, except when they tried to put her on her back.  She did really well with putting her head underwater and blowing out bubbles.  There were a few coughs and sputters, but she was pretty much just happy to be in the water.  This will be a nice scheduled daddy daughter time, particularly when Boo arrives.  We also have a little pool for the front garden that we have filled with ball pit balls that she loves to splash around in, jump in and out of and just cool off in the heat.

We also found the best produce in the country at a mall express grocery store.  We went in just to see what the finished mall looked like and were absolutely flabbergasted when we walked into the store and there was fresh fruit and veg sitting out like it was in a normal store.  Usually here there isn't a concept of produce rotation, they will just throw new stuff onto old stuff, bruised and rotten food may or may not make it into the stands.  It's just terrible most times that I stick to frozen veg, berries and things like that.  I leave Liam to pick through for the good things.  So this will be a nice little detour on our trips back from the lessons.  There was only one other couple there and they have only been here for a year, but the wife hates it.  I'm looking forward to talking to her again on Friday, finding out about her experiences and seeing what can be done to make it better.

The paper is moving along and my level of procrastination is slowly decreasing, especially as another expecting mom that I traded freezer meals with went into labor in the 12 hours after we swapped meals.  She wasn't due for another 9 days!  I need to get out of this "I have so much time" mindset.  Requirements for today: 1) finish paper 2) pack hospital bag 3) do some laundry.  So exciting!

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