Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Getting some help around the house

We may not have to wait much longer for that help around the house.  Our neighbors, who have the maid we love, have asked us if we would like to take her on.  When they hired Melody a year ago they were both working, had 3 kids at home and were just trying to make things easier.  Now only one of them is working, they have a son in university, who needs some financial help, and they feel like they just don't need as much help.  I think they are also having some issues with their teenagers taking advantage of having someone in the house to clean, ie leaving clothes, food, etc all over the house.  They came over last night to discuss the particulars of her contract, exactly what they have had her doing, her hours, time off, etc.  To say we are excited is an understatement!  She cleans and organizes like a dream, she's a great babysitter (Z adores her) and with the new baby around it will be great to have the help.

Now we just have to get used to the idea of us as employers, make sure we have all of the lines of communication open and try not to feel awkward with someone else living in our house, well, living in the little apartment in the back. Melody and her husband will be moving in next week, it's only a 100 yard move, but we have to clean up the little apartment in the back because we have just been using it as storage.  I have literally never set foot out there in the almost 3 years we have lived here.  Our friends have been really great about the whole thing saying they can take all of the furniture with them and bring over pretty much everything that they need.  We just need to order another cable box and subscribe to the Filipino stations they have over here.  I'm sure it will take some getting used to, but at this point I'm just glad to know we'll have someone working for us that we can trust, knows what she's doing and we really like.

Z will still go to nursery 3 days/wk, but after my mom and grandmom leave having Melody around will be a godsend.  I had a tough time adjusting at times with Z.  There were a few crying breakdowns in the first couple of months with Z from sheer exhaustion.  I can take a longer nap during the day by letting Melody take over a feed or just spend some alone time with Z when needed.  Keeping this house clean is nearly impossible between Z and the dust and ensuring that at least the dishes and laundry are done daily will keep me from losing it.

I've also been applying to jobs/networking like a rockstar, well as much as a super pregnant lady can be a rockstar.  I've still apparently been able to get away with just being fat when it comes to people that don't know me or maybe 4 or 5 months pregnant, so perhaps people are not as put off by the belly as I thought.  I'm looking to start work in August after we get back from our summer vacation and that's when a lot of people return to the country, so I think that it would actually work out well from a hiring perspective.  Not much will get done before that as far as processing visas, residency etc, even after a hiring decision is made it usually takes 8 weeks to process, so 3 months from now is a nice cushion for starting work. 1.5 single spaced pages to go!     

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