Saturday, May 26, 2012

Z takes us out

Liam and I both got the screaming craps yesterday within about 5 hours of one another. I was taken down first. In bed, close to a bathroom with a trash an nearby. Then Liam started feeling it coming on and with two kids to look after decided to venture out for help. He went to all of the neighbors, who must have had a meeting and decided to all be away. But while wandering the compound with two babies in onesies, he was spotted by Melody's husband who thought something was up. Melody was finishing up the laundry at our friend's house and came to see what was wrong. Liam informed her of the horrors just before the sickness hit him. She took Z while she finished up and then came to our house. I honestly don't know what we would have done without her. She stayed the night, which was awesome while we both felt like dying. My puking was finished by about 8pm, when I passed out, but Liam continued until about 2am. We quarantined ourselves in the spare bedroom my Grandmom had just left and hoped we didn't get Boo sick. After finally convincing Melody that my milk was ok and I was feeling much better she left this afternoon for some much deserved rest. Melody got a nice thank you card(yay stocking up our card collection) and a bonus for being awesome and we get a quiet rest of the weekend to recover.

Friday, May 25, 2012

When you're climbing up a ladder and you feel something splatter...

Diarreah cha cha cha.  Z has had it for a few days now, so she's been on the Pedialyte.  We visited the doctor to have her checked out, but we can't really get a definitive diagnosis until we give them a sample. Awesome.  Oh and she's been puking at night.  Only at night, at least that's Liam territory since I'm in the spare bedroom with Boo.  But trying to keep her germs away from Boo and me is proving to be a challenge.  I hope it clears itself up soon, or we at least get it diagnosed and can start her getting better.  The thing is she's acting totally normal, just playing, running around and all of that, so it's a bit deceiving.

Boo's doctor visit revealed that she has a slight infection in her belly button, so again Awesome.  The vessels haven't closed completely partially because she does have one almight cry at least once per day, which stresses out her tummy pulling the muscles apart and keeping the vessels from fully closing.  One week of anti-biotics and we should be good.  So doctor visits next week as well to check up on them both again.

My grandmom has gone home, so now it's just the 4 of us and so far we're loving the ability to just veg.  Our spin classes start next week, so Liam and I are looking forward to working out together.  We get one 3-hour night of babysitting out of Melody every week, so we're probably going to end up going to spin class and then just sleeping in the car for the rest of the time.  Oh, sweet uninterrupted sleep.  The things we'll do to get some shut eye around here!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sleepless Zombie B*tch

That's who I feel like right now.  The pressure of having family here for almost a month, trying to entertain them when it is face-meltingly hot outside and taking care of a newborn is making me a little crazy.  I stood in front of our open fridge for god knows how long trying to find a place for Z's lunch bag for school the next day.  Finally Liam had to come over and ask if I was ok.  I had pumped some milk earlier in the day for Melody to feed Z while I took my grandmother to see the Avengers.  This was my first time away from Boo and it was a toughie, also a toughie, staying awake during the movie.  It was really really great, but I just wanted to sleep.  Since I had pumped 9oz for Boo earlier, there was still another bottle left when we got home.  After the fridge staring incident, Liam promptly made my plate for dinner and then sent me to bed.  Boo has no problems taking my milk from the bottle, so it worked out really well.  She ate, I got almost 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep and my b*tch mode skipped down a few levels.  At this point I'm just trying not to have a snap at my grandmom for her little idiosyncrasies like trying to finish your sentence for you even if she has no idea what you're going to say next or never knowing what is going on during a tv show or movie.  And I'm trying not to begrudge Liam his after work naps, but when he wakes up from them and still says he's tired, I want to crazy murder him!  But once grandmom is gone and I get my daytime naps back I'll be less of a crazy, zoned out, person and more of my only semi-sleep deprived self.  It is amazing that getting two 3-hour sleep sessions at night with a wake up around 5:45am and one 2-hour nap during the day can feel like you're really lucky in the sleep department.  

Thursday, May 17, 2012


It sure looks like it! All of my grades are in and I haven't failed anything. I always seem to have that fear every semester. I still can't believe it. Graduation is this weekend, but I won't be there. I'm not too bummed about it, just that I won't get to wear the robe and walk across the stage with my two kids. That would have been freaking kickass. I still can't believe I did it or that we did it. It has been 2.5 years of traveling back and forth to Liam, 2 pregnancies (complete with morning sickness, achey back and and overall lethargy) and actual children, a doesn't make me want to cry GPA, and a boatload of loans. It's been a long crazy journey and I'm sure I'll get more sentimental about this whole process as time goes by, but right now I'm just ecstatic that Boo only woke up 2 times during the night!!!! The name of the game is now job search continuation and getting back in shape once I am cleared by my doctor's visit. Liam and I are looking forward to date night spin classes. I'm thinking we're going to turn it into a competition. We need to Biggest Loser this thing and kick some butt! Painful financial realities aside (3 plane tickets to Ireland, 1 for Liam to the UK to fix up the house, loan grace period ending in Nov, and needing to buy another car) things are going well. We both feel so lucky that we are where we are right now. Of course there are things that we need to happen or at least hope will happen, but we're together, healthy, have 2 beautiful kids and are so excited to begin this new chapter in this life journey.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Overdoing it

So the whole not-feeling-absolutely-horrible-post-birth has made me overestimate my ability to get up and go.  I overdid it yesterday by heading out with my mom and grandmom to go grocery shopping just after a mall run, got Boo's passport photos taken, went to Toys R Us to buy a kiddie picnic table for Z and the kids at the party tonight, then had to head home to drop off my mom, grandmom and Boo because all of us couldn't fit in the car with all of the groceries and the table.  After a semi-car unloading, I headed back out to pick up Z from school and Liam from work.  I got home and was a total b*tch because I was so tired.  So so so so tired, so Liam took Boo off of me and sent me to our room for a nap.  I was passed out from about 4pm-10pm with only intermittent interruptions when Boo was brought in to feed.  I really need to start pumping.  I need someone else to feed her at least once a day preferably in the evenings because I can get a nap and that's when she's awake! not during the day.

My plan for today is to make meatball sliders (buns and all), quesadillas, seven layer dip, bake muffins, brownies and possibly chocolate chip cookies.  We're having about 25 people over to say hi to Boo, my mom and grandmom and also just to hang out.  We are also trying to get rid of some of our booze that we've had since our wedding 3 years ago.  After stocking up for the wedding, we have made it through approximately 10% of our stock.  Having a party with our friends will ensure that at least 20% will be gone by the end of the night.

I am still diligently working on the job search.  I plan on contacting firms in the area in the next 2 weeks after my family leaves.  Other than researching for a job and trying to make contacts, I've been searching the web for weekend getaway deals.  Just a hotel with a really nice pool and good restaurants where we can hang with the kids and relax away from home.  The deals are amazing in the summer because NO ONE wants to be here during that time.  The countries in the region literally clear out.  You can tell that the roads are less busy, commute time decreases exponentially and everything slows down.  Usually because everyone is melting, but that's life over here!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bombs Away

I avoided it the first time around with Z, I was not so lucky this time around...projectile poop! Boo totally nailed me with her expert aim all over my chest, the pillows and duvet.  To say it was a messy morning is an understatement!  I'll certainly be more cautious with the diaper changes from now on.  I would post the pic I took and sent to Liam, but I thought that would be a bit much.

My mom and grandmother are on their way over.  And there was a delay as there always is and they won't be getting in until nearly midnight.  Which means Liam has to head to the airport at 1am-ish and that sucks because he has work at 6:30am.  I would definitely go, but I don't think anyone would let me.  I'm feeling almost normal now and have managed to shower almost everyday, so things are definitely going a lot better this time around.  Now my big hurdle is planning for the party on the weekend and figuring out what to do with my family when they are here.  This is their 4th time visiting and tourist attractions are not that plentiful, so they have pretty much seen everything.  While we will be spending some time at home, I would like to get out of the house.  Since temps are already topping 100° going for walks is almost out of the question, so indoor activities it is.  I think we might try and go to a high tea at one of the hotels and maybe go get a manicure or something.  Entertaining family indoors for 2 weeks is starting to pose a challenge.  At least there are adorable grand and great grand kids to keep them occupied!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Feeling Busy

I thought after finishing with classes (OMFG I am finished with law school!!!!!) and having a baby things would calm doesn't feel like they have.  We have been running around trying to get the birth certificate sorted out and then the passport, which is a whole other trial.  The job prospects are also looking up with an interview on deck for next week.  On top of all that, my mom and grandmom are flying in Sunday night!

My goals for the next week are:
  1. Shower everyday (a bigger goal than it may seem)
  2. Actually nap when Boo naps
  3. Do some intensive research for my interview
  4. Buy a gift for a 2 year old's bday this weekend (any suggestions??)
  5. Plan the "Welcome Boo/My family is here"party
  6. Start preparations for a big freezer meal cooking day with my mom and grandmom
Other than those things I'm completely and totally happy to just hang out with the kids and rest up.  I still can't believe I actually have kids, plural.  My recovery is night and day from the last time, so I actually feel like a semi-normal human being most of the time.  Walking, sitting, and laying down all require minimal effort, but I am worried about my back.  I can already feel it starting to give way, so I'm going to have to just try to get on the floor to hold Z instead of picking her up.  It makes me feel bad that I can't give her my undivided attention anymore,  but we have amazing neighbors who will just show up and ask to take her for a while, so she's not missing out completely.  Between that and one of my other neighbors, Sherry, who is a lactation consultant, I'm feeling like the luckiest person when it comes to the non-family I have around me.  Her knowledge is definitely coming in handy, Boo is not as good with the latching as Z was.  But she's still so adorable that the pain (hopefully over soon) is definitely worth it.