Thursday, May 17, 2012


It sure looks like it! All of my grades are in and I haven't failed anything. I always seem to have that fear every semester. I still can't believe it. Graduation is this weekend, but I won't be there. I'm not too bummed about it, just that I won't get to wear the robe and walk across the stage with my two kids. That would have been freaking kickass. I still can't believe I did it or that we did it. It has been 2.5 years of traveling back and forth to Liam, 2 pregnancies (complete with morning sickness, achey back and and overall lethargy) and actual children, a doesn't make me want to cry GPA, and a boatload of loans. It's been a long crazy journey and I'm sure I'll get more sentimental about this whole process as time goes by, but right now I'm just ecstatic that Boo only woke up 2 times during the night!!!! The name of the game is now job search continuation and getting back in shape once I am cleared by my doctor's visit. Liam and I are looking forward to date night spin classes. I'm thinking we're going to turn it into a competition. We need to Biggest Loser this thing and kick some butt! Painful financial realities aside (3 plane tickets to Ireland, 1 for Liam to the UK to fix up the house, loan grace period ending in Nov, and needing to buy another car) things are going well. We both feel so lucky that we are where we are right now. Of course there are things that we need to happen or at least hope will happen, but we're together, healthy, have 2 beautiful kids and are so excited to begin this new chapter in this life journey.


  1. Congratulations! When you list everything you've done over the past few years... amazing.

    (And I wish I could enlist JW to be my workout buddy.)

  2. Congratulations! What a fun post to read. Good luck with everything on the horizon.