Thursday, May 10, 2012

Overdoing it

So the whole not-feeling-absolutely-horrible-post-birth has made me overestimate my ability to get up and go.  I overdid it yesterday by heading out with my mom and grandmom to go grocery shopping just after a mall run, got Boo's passport photos taken, went to Toys R Us to buy a kiddie picnic table for Z and the kids at the party tonight, then had to head home to drop off my mom, grandmom and Boo because all of us couldn't fit in the car with all of the groceries and the table.  After a semi-car unloading, I headed back out to pick up Z from school and Liam from work.  I got home and was a total b*tch because I was so tired.  So so so so tired, so Liam took Boo off of me and sent me to our room for a nap.  I was passed out from about 4pm-10pm with only intermittent interruptions when Boo was brought in to feed.  I really need to start pumping.  I need someone else to feed her at least once a day preferably in the evenings because I can get a nap and that's when she's awake! not during the day.

My plan for today is to make meatball sliders (buns and all), quesadillas, seven layer dip, bake muffins, brownies and possibly chocolate chip cookies.  We're having about 25 people over to say hi to Boo, my mom and grandmom and also just to hang out.  We are also trying to get rid of some of our booze that we've had since our wedding 3 years ago.  After stocking up for the wedding, we have made it through approximately 10% of our stock.  Having a party with our friends will ensure that at least 20% will be gone by the end of the night.

I am still diligently working on the job search.  I plan on contacting firms in the area in the next 2 weeks after my family leaves.  Other than researching for a job and trying to make contacts, I've been searching the web for weekend getaway deals.  Just a hotel with a really nice pool and good restaurants where we can hang with the kids and relax away from home.  The deals are amazing in the summer because NO ONE wants to be here during that time.  The countries in the region literally clear out.  You can tell that the roads are less busy, commute time decreases exponentially and everything slows down.  Usually because everyone is melting, but that's life over here!


  1. i know what you mean about overdoing it. guilty as charged. take care of you!

  2. I can't believe how much energy you have ...