Saturday, May 26, 2012

Z takes us out

Liam and I both got the screaming craps yesterday within about 5 hours of one another. I was taken down first. In bed, close to a bathroom with a trash an nearby. Then Liam started feeling it coming on and with two kids to look after decided to venture out for help. He went to all of the neighbors, who must have had a meeting and decided to all be away. But while wandering the compound with two babies in onesies, he was spotted by Melody's husband who thought something was up. Melody was finishing up the laundry at our friend's house and came to see what was wrong. Liam informed her of the horrors just before the sickness hit him. She took Z while she finished up and then came to our house. I honestly don't know what we would have done without her. She stayed the night, which was awesome while we both felt like dying. My puking was finished by about 8pm, when I passed out, but Liam continued until about 2am. We quarantined ourselves in the spare bedroom my Grandmom had just left and hoped we didn't get Boo sick. After finally convincing Melody that my milk was ok and I was feeling much better she left this afternoon for some much deserved rest. Melody got a nice thank you card(yay stocking up our card collection) and a bonus for being awesome and we get a quiet rest of the weekend to recover.

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  1. Three cheers for Melody (and her observant husband)! What would we do without people like them? Glad you are feeling better and have a little time to rest.