Sunday, June 24, 2012

Job offers...

In the past 72 hours I have been offered 2 jobs. Both positions are part time teaching positions. I also have an interview for a full time teaching position next week. While I didn't think that teaching would be something I would be doing after law school, I'm certainly not going to balk at the opportunity. I'm also contacting everyone I know to see about upcoming full time positions that they might have coming up. Oh and that position at the tech startup. After everything was signed, they got a huge influx of money and have been MIA since then. I have no idea wtf is going on, but it might just be for the best if I find a full time position. But I will freaking want to die if they IPO or get bought out. I'll keep trying to contact them, but it's kind of frustrating that they were super pumped for me to join before their funding came through and how they are nowhere to be found. Frustrating! And for some unknown reason I have been researching PhD programs. I really think that working or being in school for the past 20-something years of my life has made me completely unable to not work/study and just enjoy this freedom. It's a sickness and I seriously need to get over it! On the family front, Z seems to be adjusting to Boo a bit better. She is no longer fighting sleep and will put herself to sleep instead of fighting Liam for 1.5 hrs. She is loving signing to us, being silly and can swim with a noodle! We are super excited that she's getting the hang of it and should be swimming completely unassisted by the end of the summer. Boo is smiling at us, laughing and cooing like the little cutie she is. I'm so glad because she was just so boring before, cute but boring. At least now, I feel like she actually knows I'm in front of her and do not just serve as a milk machine. She has also started enjoying her baths, which is a load off because crazy screaming baby was not easy to bathe. 4 weeks until vacation and I'm trying to relax, let the job search happen organically now that I have about 15 people at 6 companies looking out for me and enjoy being home with the kids. I really want a job now, but as soon as I get one I know I'm going to start freaking out about leaving Z for 9 hours/day. Just can't win!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oh the pain...

Liam and I both went to bootcamp and boy are we feeling the pain.  It was a circuit training and wow, I thought, oh it's just doing a few things for 30-45 seconds...hmmm not so much.  We limped out of there with our friends.  The good things, half of the 16 people there were our friends, we really felt liker we got in a great workout and we can't wait to improve on how we did.  The cons, it only runs for 2 more weeks and doesn't start again until September.

The leads on a full time job are starting to get better.  I have an interview for a full time teaching position in a few weeks, meeting at 2 law firms and have pretty much everyone I know working on other jobs for me.  I'm still hopeful that it's just a matter of time until a full time position comes my way and that's made it easier for me to SAHM it while I can.  I know once I get a full time job the ticking clock of "oh no I'll be leaving Boo at home" will start.  But for most positions I wouldn't start for at least another 2 months, so that gives me a lot of time to savor it. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Liam and I are starting bootcamp this weekend.  I couldn't come soon enough for me because my back is freaking killing me.  It hasn't completely incapacitated me like it did with Z, but it's just a slow painful  back attack.  I've been trying to get in some elliptical time at least 3 times/wk and some ab work, but getting that done between prepping things for interviews/work, playing with, feeding, and getting the kids to nap, has been difficult.  So we're using our 3 hours of weekly babysitting time to do bootcamp and go to dinner afterward.  It should painful, tiring and completely sweaty and I'm definitely looking forward to it.   

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Part time gig

I managed to wrangle a part time gig with a tech startup! It's pretty small right now, I will be employee No. 14, but it is already making some big waves. I am glad I got it because when I get my full time job I will still be able to do this. So, yay for a paycheck and doing something fun. Now for the job that I really want...the jury is still out. I was introduced to the hiring manager, I meet the qualifications and then some, but it is still a crapshoot. I just don't know if there is already someone else in mind or if it's a free and clear position, but I do have my contacts advocating for me. I am also contemplating putting together a sample website of all of the readings, forms, itineraries, etc like i would do if I were hired. I am contemplating how much I should stalk this guy and whether I should just send the sample site to him without getting an interview first. This is kind of what I did with the tech job, I emailed, tweeted and YouTube videoed my way into an interview. I'm just not so sure how this would work out in the world of education, although the manager is a social media/MBA/younger kind of guy. Thoughts? Other than that, I am trying to workout to get ready for the wedding in July. Have I mentioned I'm taking the bar in Feb? If not, well then that clears up why I am not having a total breakdown right now. We will all head to the US to visit family. Liam will take the girls to his aunts when we arrive, I'll take the bar and then we will have a fun filled 1.5 week family vacation. Oh I can't wait to start studying...

Sunday, June 3, 2012


It seems that a case of the blahs are going around right now.  I am following the crowd with that one.  I'm not taking the bar until February.  I made that choice mid-semester thinking of my previous recovery after Z and how rough it was living on no sleep, pain, etc and decided that adding studying for the bar to that would only create a disaster.  Because of this delay in taking the bar, I'm not in full crisis and studying mode, which means I have a lot of time to freak out about the job situation.  It isn't dire...yet, but it could get there.  I only started contacting firms earlier this week and the ones I have contacted have been receptive to having me come in and talk with them, but there is nothing concrete yet.

As for the non-legal job, I have put out a boat load of applications and heard nothing so far.  I actually heard from a woman from HR who found my app in their database and wanted to contact me for an interview.  To say I was estatic is an understatement.  I emailed her back the next day to say great and then heard nothing...left her a voicemail...nothing...called her again yesterday 4 days after my voicemail and she said she would call me back in a few minutes...nothing.  WTF?! You contacted me! So I'm just chalking that one up to a crazy person from HR, who is obviously deranged.

While being at home with the girls is great and I'm sure I would be freaking out if I couldn't, it also kind of sucks not knowing the endgame.  I am just not SAHM material.  I wish I could be a SAHM who absolutely loves it.  I wish I could, but I know that for me to be the best mom I can be, I need to get out of the house, work in an outside job that engages and challenges me and where I can have conversations with adults on a daily basis.  Also, over here without work friends it's really hard to meet other people.  Perhaps if I were back in the US in a regular neighborhood and had a car wasn't so isolated my feelings about being home would be different.  And then there is the whole financial situation to think about.  We can live off of Liam's salary, even once my loans need to be repaid, but that means no savings, no health insurance, no college fund and no retirement fund contributions.  That's not a good place to be in, living paycheck to paycheck. And once our kids have to start school in 3.5 years, which has to be private as there are no other options, we would be in a precarious situation.  So I'll start working my stalker magic on every HR manager and other connection I have to make this job search work.  This is my new job, until I find a real job.