Sunday, June 24, 2012

Job offers...

In the past 72 hours I have been offered 2 jobs. Both positions are part time teaching positions. I also have an interview for a full time teaching position next week. While I didn't think that teaching would be something I would be doing after law school, I'm certainly not going to balk at the opportunity. I'm also contacting everyone I know to see about upcoming full time positions that they might have coming up. Oh and that position at the tech startup. After everything was signed, they got a huge influx of money and have been MIA since then. I have no idea wtf is going on, but it might just be for the best if I find a full time position. But I will freaking want to die if they IPO or get bought out. I'll keep trying to contact them, but it's kind of frustrating that they were super pumped for me to join before their funding came through and how they are nowhere to be found. Frustrating! And for some unknown reason I have been researching PhD programs. I really think that working or being in school for the past 20-something years of my life has made me completely unable to not work/study and just enjoy this freedom. It's a sickness and I seriously need to get over it! On the family front, Z seems to be adjusting to Boo a bit better. She is no longer fighting sleep and will put herself to sleep instead of fighting Liam for 1.5 hrs. She is loving signing to us, being silly and can swim with a noodle! We are super excited that she's getting the hang of it and should be swimming completely unassisted by the end of the summer. Boo is smiling at us, laughing and cooing like the little cutie she is. I'm so glad because she was just so boring before, cute but boring. At least now, I feel like she actually knows I'm in front of her and do not just serve as a milk machine. She has also started enjoying her baths, which is a load off because crazy screaming baby was not easy to bathe. 4 weeks until vacation and I'm trying to relax, let the job search happen organically now that I have about 15 people at 6 companies looking out for me and enjoy being home with the kids. I really want a job now, but as soon as I get one I know I'm going to start freaking out about leaving Z for 9 hours/day. Just can't win!

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  1. Seems like you're doing great! Re: the startup, it could be that they're busy doing the clean-up work from their funding round and they haven't gotten back to you because of that.