Sunday, June 10, 2012

Part time gig

I managed to wrangle a part time gig with a tech startup! It's pretty small right now, I will be employee No. 14, but it is already making some big waves. I am glad I got it because when I get my full time job I will still be able to do this. So, yay for a paycheck and doing something fun. Now for the job that I really want...the jury is still out. I was introduced to the hiring manager, I meet the qualifications and then some, but it is still a crapshoot. I just don't know if there is already someone else in mind or if it's a free and clear position, but I do have my contacts advocating for me. I am also contemplating putting together a sample website of all of the readings, forms, itineraries, etc like i would do if I were hired. I am contemplating how much I should stalk this guy and whether I should just send the sample site to him without getting an interview first. This is kind of what I did with the tech job, I emailed, tweeted and YouTube videoed my way into an interview. I'm just not so sure how this would work out in the world of education, although the manager is a social media/MBA/younger kind of guy. Thoughts? Other than that, I am trying to workout to get ready for the wedding in July. Have I mentioned I'm taking the bar in Feb? If not, well then that clears up why I am not having a total breakdown right now. We will all head to the US to visit family. Liam will take the girls to his aunts when we arrive, I'll take the bar and then we will have a fun filled 1.5 week family vacation. Oh I can't wait to start studying...