Monday, July 16, 2012

More Interviews

And a serious case of the jitters.  I really want this one position that would bring together all of the things I love, namely travel, research, community service and working with students.  I would be creating curriculum and teaching mini courses that would culminate in travel where we would put all of that course prep into action.  I can create a curriculum on pretty much anything, law, economic development, women's issues, education, media, pretty much anything.  It would also be a seriously fun job working at a cool place where I would get to learn a boat load.  I really really want it, so much so that I've actually created a whole website that  showcases pretty much everything I would want to do, how I would do it and how it would make the program better.

I used all of my networking skills to ensure I got an interview.  I don't know if I was going to get one anyway, but I made sure I got one.  Befriended a member of the HR staff and got her to check in for me, made sure my friends dropped subtle and not to subtle hints I would be amazing and of course applied with a great application.  So I'll interview and include my site with additions from the interview in the thank you note email followup.  The last time I had butterflies in my stomach like this was during finals when I interviewed for my first job out of undergrad.  I'm hoping this is a good sign.  Ahh, so close to something so great! I just hope it all goes to plan...

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  1. Good luck and that sounds like a fantastic job!