Monday, July 23, 2012

Waiting Game...

I've been told that two full time sponsored positions will get back to me this week.  This means that the compulsive email checking has begun.  And the startup has still not given me a contract to sign, officially stated me hours or given me any other info other than an updated style guide of sorts.  I'm not really trying to rush them since we're going on vacation for two weeks at the end of this week.  I'm sure that once we're away they will URGENTLY need me and my inbox will be flooded.  It wouldn't surprise me one stinking bit.  Even with these two possible positions in the pipeline, I've still been working the networking/reconnecting angle to not only find out about upcoming positions, but also to rebuild my friend base in the area.  Once you leave and only come back for a few weeks every few months it's hard to keep up with people/maintain friendships other than on facebook.

Packing for the big trip has begun.  Liam's anal retentive sister, Linda, has begun coordinating our stay.  While it is helpful for her to find a pack and play and blow up mattress for us, the fact that she always feels like she has to be in charge is irksome.  I wonder how she'll feel when Liam takes back the necklace, earrings and bracelet that he gave to his mother two years before she passed away.  For some reason, although Linda is the 4th child, she feels like all of those decisions have to run through her.  I just try and stay out of it when she starts obsessively mothering everyone (ie actually look a plate of food out of my hands while I was eating because according to her it was time for the meal it end) and let Liam take over the talking to.

It's always odd when I visit Liam's family.  It is a large family where everyone lives nearby, but I wouldn't call them close.  With my fam, everyone is laughing, telling stories, teasing each other, kids are running around, etc.  With Liam's family, no one is really laughing, old stories generally piss someone off, not make them laugh and exchanges are generally about the one-up-manship of how much their life sucks.  But Liam's friends give me a much better famly/at home feel, so the wedding will be awesome!  The girls will love it and so will I.  I've never been looking forward to walking more in my life.   

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  1. So many exciting things coming up for you! I hope you hear back from one of the positions soon. Nothing worse than waiting and contantly checking emails!