Thursday, August 30, 2012

And he's gone

and we won't be getting a dog for a long time...

We didn't have him for long, but it definitely shows us our limitations and what we need.  He was too afraid of people to be around little kids and I was a nervous wreck the whole time he was here even when he was secluded in the kitchen.  At one point he refused to come back in the house and destroyed the bamboo covering our front gate.  Melody and I managed to get him to go back in the house and then we put him in her outdoor/indoor pantry area.  He was just fine and actually slept there without trying to sleep standing up and falling asleep.  I think because he wasn't trying to watch his back and could relax he liked it.  We would look at him from the window and he was eating the food and laying down, but we knew our fostering would be short.

The woman who found him is a local woman, Joey, and this is incredibly rare that you would find a muslim over here who would love dogs.  She told us that people have called her abnormal and a freak because of her love of dogs.  I'm glad she does what she does, but she's just a special lady like that.  She held up her end of the deal and found us someone to give the dog a forever home.  We were so happy and feeling less guilty about needing him to go.  And then Liam decided to let him stretch his legs before the guy called us to get the dog...BOLTED.

The dog bolted because Liam tied him to kiddie picnic table while he ran inside to get his phone in case the guy called.  The dog slipped the harness and climbed up the fence through the gap he made earlier in the bamboo and was gone.  The security guard of the compound also conveniently opened the gate so the dog could get out.  And when he left he managed to leave his harness and leash behind.  So began Liam's 5 hour journey.  We let Joey know that the dog escaped and she came right over to where Liam was with her husband.  And there she is abaya and all running through backyards, laying down on the ground to tempt the dog to come over, anything she could to get him to come back.  It worked! We met up with the dog's potential forever home owners and Liam watched as she worked her magic to get them to take him.  It's just a husband and wife and they have a big house.  It will certainly work out better than our situation, just because they have the luxury of giving him his own space for a while.

Liam came back home with some interesting stories, happier than I thought he would after chasing after a dog for 5 hours in 100 degree heat.  I guess we both just wanted to know he went somewhere nice and wouldn't continue to be hurt by living on the streets.  I'm glad we got to help a little bit, but oh no, no dog for us, unless we 1) have it from a puppy 2) its very small (this one was way bigger than we thought, maybe half the size of a golden retriever) 3) rehomed dog with experience with kids.  Lesson learned!

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