Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting a dog?

This is something Liam and I have discussed before.  There is a HUGE stray animal problem over here. It's cats, which some have said were brought in to keep the mouse population in check a long time ago. Well someone released the cats without fixing them, I've never seen a mouse here, but the cats are crawling all over the place.  We're not cat people, at all and have successfully dodged our friends finding stray kittens, taking them in and adopting them out.  It just wouldn't work.  But there are also some stray dogs, generally salukis, which are just too big for us and even when well fed look like they are starving.  We were recently told about some Maltese terriers found dumped by the side of the road.  The tag line on the post was small family dog.  I checked out the breed and it actually seems like something that would be a good fit for us.  The Maltese could stay indoors during the summer and run around our house with no issue on space and we wouldn't feel like we were neglecting the poor thing because it didn't get to run for hours outside.

Liam wants to jump at the chance and so do I, but I'm certainly trying to be cautious.  First, we have to meet the dogs and see if any get along well with us.  They were dumped and who knows if they were abused before hand or have behavioural problems.  Second, while they have been medically nursed back to health, there could be other health issues down the line and that can get expensive.  Not to mention the cost of food and other necessities.  Third, it's like adopting a new kid in some ways.  Our kids are in bed and we want to relax, but the dog wants to play/run outside/just jump up and down for attention.  Finally, barking and pooping in the house.  I think it's a great breed for our family situation and the opportunity for this type of dog has probably come up maybe twice in the 5 years we've been here without importing.  Importing a dog can cost thousands of dollars.

I'm sure they will be freaking adorable and Z LOVES dogs. She played with her grandfather's neighbor's dog for about 2 hours when we were visiting.  She threw a tennis ball and squealed with glee every time the dog brought it back.  Talk about matching energy levels.   Liam had a small dog growing up and he enjoyed it and thinks the girls would too.  We had a dog at my grandmother's where  we lived at some points growing up, but I don't remember much, she was so old when I was in the remembering childhood frame of mind.  I kind of remember her laying there, walking to her food and water, and walking outside to do her business and then right back in.  She was so low maintenance I think my perspective on dogs is a little skewed.  My dad also had huge hulking Cane Corso mastifs and that definitely put me off those giant dogs.

If they haven't been adopted or fostered yet (we sent the email 3 hours after it was posted, yes dogs like these are soooo that in demand), we'll take a family visit to see the dogs and see how we feel.  Any experience with terriers out there? Advice about getting a family dog?

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  1. I hope you find the perfect dog for your family. Hopefully the right one tugs on your heart :)

    Personally, I don't get the appeal of dogs (which is totally fine because a lot of people don't get the appeal of having children). Many of our friends have dogs and they have taught me that I would never have the energy or commitment for one. I'm sure they can be more than rewarding but, phew, give me a cat any day. :)