Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Animal Parade

We had a fun family day out this week filled with animals just like Z likes.  We got to go to the huge fish tank in the mall, which was great because we didn't even have to pay for the aquarium admission.  I mean the tank it probably 30 ft high and 30 yards long and filled with sharks, sting rays and all other kinds of cool fish.  Z freaking loved just sitting there in the stroller and describing the fish to us "flying" around in the tank.  Then we decided to really give her a treat and eat in the Rainforest Cafe.  She wasn't scared at all, which I was kind of anticipating  but we did have to keep her from climbing the walls to go hang out with the monkeys, tigers and elephants.  We had a good long day filled with walking, a little shopping and some food court snacks.

Z picked up 2 pairs of shoes from Payless, Liam got a hat, which is a big deal for him cause his head is a bit on the large side! and some cargo shorts.  I begrudgingly picked 2 outfits for interviewing/starting work that actually look professional and fit me.  I hate clothes shopping.  HATE!!! Part of it is that I have a lot of weight to lose and the other part of it is that I just hate going shopping and trying things on.  I think it's flashbacks of my mom dragging me to her 5 hour shopping/fitting room bonanzas.  I got one dress and one top/pants combo that can definitely be mixed with other things.  I'm just hoping I get to use them soon.

Advice needed:  If someone says they are going to show your resume around and think you would be a a great addition to the team, how long do you want for a response?  This person is the second highest person in the department with definite hiring authority and they currently have 4 positions open in that department.

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