Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Best. Party. Ever!!!

I can't wait until next year!  It was great, sooooo awesome.  The decorations were amazing and there had to be at least 100lbs of spiderwebs used.  I can't even imagine how long it takes to put them up and how much it cost do buy them all.  We were allowed into the house, which was done up like a haunted mansion.  There were bats hanging from everywhere and little treats around every corner.  Dry ice punch, 3 bars meaning a wait time of 0 all night plus waiters, which was a blessing and a curse.  The costumes were so much fun and some were definitely creepy like Rorschach and the accident victim.  We arrived fashionably late, weren't on the list even though we RSVPed first! to our friend, but after a call it was all cleared up.  

After getting in, we had our first drinks and wandered around amazed at the size of the place and how eeeeeeeeeverything was covered in some pretty funny/scary decorations.  There was a cave, carriage with ghost horses, huge tents and the small haunted house in the back garden.  No one made it into the pool this year, at least while we were there.  The schwarma was great as well as the other Middle Eastern food, but I was seriously sad I didn't get a cake pop or other sweets.  It seems that we were all a bit distracted from the food as the evening progressed.  The band played some rocking music and Liam fell off of one of the raised platform with a "dancing" pole.  

We were very happy that the taxis knew where the party was and were waiting en masse outside for us to make our hasty retreat.  On the night I thought we left at midnight, turns out it was closer to 2!  I can't believe we stayed out that late.  And we were one of the first people to leave.  Our friends who came with us and were supposed to be leaving for a beach camping at noon the next day left closer to 6.  Let's just stay we're still recovering from the weekend festivities.  It won't be something that we do again for about another 11 months and I'm already looking forward to it.

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  1. That party sounds AMAZING! Quick, where can I get fun friends like that?!?