Sunday, October 21, 2012

Missing the chill

One thing that always throws me completely off about being over here is the fact that it doesn't get cold.  There might be one night in an entire year that it drops below 60.  It's kind of crazy and makes the holiday season kind of weird.  I'm used to bundling up, gloves, hats, scarves, sweaters the whole lot and over here...nothing.  I mean you might put on a sweatshirt, if you're out at a party in January and everyone is sitting outside.  It won't get below 90 at all this week, which means there's going to have to be a serious mod done to Z's Halloween costume that comes complete with batting.  I'm going to need to cut that out, so the poor thing doesn't pass out while trick or treating.

This brings me to the other odd thing about being here.  The things that are so ubiquitous in the US can go by completely unnoticed over here.   You have to make a real effort.  For Halloween, friends in a bigger compound mostly filled with westerners will be doing trick or treating at about 60 houses that are all in a less than 1/4 mile loop.  This is sweet for candy collection and not tiring out a nearly 2 yr old!  Which will be followed by a party.  But I definitely miss walking up and down hills and all over my huge neighborhood that I had growing up.  And for Thanksgiving, I'll see if I can get my hands on a turkey from the supermarket, if not we'll have to put in a delivery order at one of the hotels.  They do a turkey, stuffing and a few sides special at the major hotels for expats.  Almost no one even gets that day off, but it is the beginning of the weekend (it's Friday/Saturday here), which means the whole day off and watching the game atmosphere is certainly different.  And the biggie, Christmas is usually celebrated with a huge buffet, bouncy castle and mini golf for the kids.  Everyone is sitting outside and enjoying the sun.  We're going to make a solid effort to rotate between being here and with my family for Christmas because we want the kids to have that 30 person family dinner with freezing temps and everything is closed feeling.  When we can't get there, I'll be sure to keep the cookie baking, Christmas movie watching, house decorating and Christmas songs at an almost amount to make up for it.

I freaking love this time of year!!!!

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