Sunday, November 11, 2012

Crawling...kind of

Boo is kind of crawling.  She's really pretty fast, but she's not doing the typical crawling movements.  She kind of does a belly flop over and over, but it gets her there.  She's getting a lot better with her motor skills by following her sister's movements with the cupcake tin and putting the ball pit balls in them.  So that's pretty fun to see.  She's also a lot better at flopping over to where her sister is laying down on the floor playing or watching tv and yanking a handful of hair out of her head.  We've all gotten pretty good at stopping her from doing it, but we all slip up sometimes.

Z is turning into quite the mimic these days, for better and for worse.  I hate driving here.  It's ridiculous and crazy dangerous with a close call most days driving.  Pre-kids my monologue in the car was pretty much just a string of profanity.  I've been able to cut that back, but "What the hell?" is now one of Z's favorite new phrases.  Yay, mom points for me.

We've all been battling colds for about the past 3 weeks and now we all are finally edging closer to healthiness.  I'm so happy.  We went for our first family walk in the park and it was great.  There is a large pond/small lake with lots of fish and ducks and Z was all over it and couldn't wait to see them all. We made it almost the whole way before Boo had her melt down.  So we headed over to the mall, I ran in a picked up some Johnny Rockets (YUMMMM) and went back home.

I participated in a kind of 2K over the weekend.  It was more of an obstacle course/sprint walk type of event.  It was very last minute and I definitely underestimated my level of out of shapeness, but it has motivated me to get my butt in gear and start working toward my goal of getting fit.  I can't use the I just had a kid excuse almost 6 months later.  I forgot how much I actually really enjoy that sore after a hard workout.  It's pretty awesome.

I have also started to work on signing with Boo.  I remember how helpful the three signs were that we used with Z.  So I'm trying to learn and use more of them with Boo and Z is actually watching the videos and starting to use them herself, so she's very good at reinforcing them with Boo when she's home.  Melody is even getting in on it, which is great because I think it makes life a whole lot easier for everyone in the long run.

I'm not sure if we're going to make it back to the US this  We were going to try and make it for Feb, but since the job situation is up in the air, I don't know if it will be possible.  It's part financial and part if I start working at the beginning of the year/end of this year then it's kind of hard to take time off for a week, so soon after starting.  And speaking of the job front, I've got a very good prospect coming up.  My friend is in a complementary department and knows the hiring person very well.  I've even worked with her before, not much, but enough that I made a good impression.  I've also gotten an unsolicited recommendation from a friend that was in the hiring director's position at a different place and worked with her a lot.  So a rec from both of my friends will definitely help me, plus the fact that I've met with and worked with her before.  It would be a great position that would be a bit brutal at times, but also have some downtime as well.  While I'm not pumped that I would be bringing home lot of files/work computer/staying late in the office during these times at least I would be doing something I like.  I'm hoping that I'll hear some news this week because it's getting down to the wire on the whole visa thing.

On a sad note, another one of our friends is moving out of the compound.  It really sucks and they were our closest friends here.  They are moving to be closer to their kids' school, which is definitely understandable here.  While we are friendly with about 3 other families in the compound this was kind of our final push to start looking for new housing.  The position I'm pumped about would provide housing options, so we'll definitely be closely looking at those to find a new place that will work for us.  Ideally our housing, it would have some kind of yard, be in a medium compound with a pool, gym, store and play area.  Some even have restaurants, tennis courts and daycares.  Now, I doubt we would get one of those, but it would be awesome! I can dream, can't I.

I'm putting out positive vibes that it's all going to come together this week!

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  1. Good luck on tat job opportunity! I hope it works out!

    Yay Boo! Hope you're getting that moving on video! My Ryan is 7 months old and has no interest in crawling! He still hates being on his tummy. He's happy to sit for hours and play with toys thought :)