Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's the little things in life...like Snapple

Here's the background.  We do most of our shopping at an import grocery store really close to our house.  It's generally more expensive, but it means less time on the road and we get everything we need in one place.  So for I would say a few years they have stocked Snapple.  They have the 6 packs of the regular glass bottles.  For $13!  Yeah, not exactly a freaking bargin.  We have longingly stared at these bottles every time we went by.  Well we went a few days ago and saw some of the big plastic bottles of Snapple for only $.82.  Talk about being freaking happy.  There were no less than 20 of them in our cart.  You have to buy everything quickly here.  You never know when they might go away and never come back.  Like the great bagel drought of 2008, which lasted 9 months.  Same goes for Bush's baked beans, these show up every 5 months or so.

The joy of a Snapple was so awesome.  We started sharing one every other day.  Sweet.  Then we went back for another shop and stared longingly at the glass bottle cases.  And the price was different, much different.  It was $4 for a case.  Well we walked out of there with 4 of them tucked safely into the trunk.  With our rationing, we can make it last for over 2 months until the teas of sorrow begin again.  I'm hoping after the initial gorging there will be a slow down and it will last even longer....we'll see about that.  

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  1. Oh man, I used to LOVE Snapple. I would drink one of the huge plastic bottles a day (yeah for $2 a bottle!). So yummy!

    I think the hardest part about livimg abraod for me would be not being able to buy all the unhealthy American junkfood that I enjoy :)

    Good luck with your rationing!