Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat!

The girls had a great time trick or treating at our friend's compound last night!  There are about 50 houses in the entire place and I would say there were 20 or so that actually decorated and gave out candy.  They were all nicely spaced out around the place, so the kids go to run from house to house and across the street having a ball.  At first Z didn't want to wear her ice cream cone costume, but once she saw all the other kids in their costumes, she was all about putting in on.  Her trick or treat was kind of like "tick or cheek," but it was adorable.  I was happy we were where we were because it meant that we didn't have to worry about cars, which was great because Z didn't have full mobility in her costume.  Stepping up over the curbs and steps was a little tricky.

Boo spent all of her time hanging out in the stroller with Liam.  She fell asleep and enjoyed the super nice weather.  I'd say there were probably about 30 or so kids all going around in different little clusters, so it really felt like it used to growing up.  Most parents were only there for kids under 3 who didn't have older siblings.  The majority of kids were out of their own, running from house to house.  I guess the biggest different for me from trick or treating over here and back in the US is that 1) here you have maids/nannies handing out candy at the houses (parents were trick or treating or setting up for the party) 2) I've never heard of most of the candy in her plastic pumpkin 3) we finished the whole neighborhood in about 40 min 4) Everyone was in short sleeves and/or shorts.  That said, I still can't wait for the next time we get to spend Halloween in the US!

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