Saturday, December 1, 2012

2nd Birthday!

Z had her second birthday party this weekend.  It was a lot of fun.  I was debating on whether or not we would be a McDonalds/Burger King party or one at home, but finally decided that the extra work would be worth it.  I baked dozens and dozens of sugar cookies, whipped up some icing, colored it and put it all in piping bags.  We also bought tons of sprinkles and candies for the kids to use to decorate.  There were only about 5 kids decorating, plus some younger siblings, but that was more than enough!

I'm sure we'll be finding sprinkles for weeks.  Some of their creations were quite interesting, like the tutu wearing T-Rex.  Z didn't open any of the presents she received, we just put them under the tree.  She did play with one huge knitted doll a friend brought though.  All of the rest just save us from wrapping things for Christmas, YAY!!  So now there are presents under our tree and cookies already baked, it's definitely feeling a lot like Christmas.

Next two weeks, we have a Christmas sing along, tea with Santa, Winter Carnival, gingerbread making class and cookie decorating!  I'm really looking forward to all of this keeping us in the holiday spirit, since round-the-clock Christmas music on the radio isn't ubiquitous over here.  Plus we don't make it to the malls enough to see the decorations they have put up.  We might make it to a tree lighting at one of the hotels where they give out free hot chocolate and cookies.

But I can't believe my baby is two.  She's counting to 12, singing most of her ABCs, is generally a non-abusive big sister and just keeps getting bigger everyday.  It's really fun that I get to have a conversation with her and she can understand and respond to me.

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