Wednesday, December 26, 2012

After Christmas Recap

My gift: New diaper bag!
Liam's Gift: A thoughtful card
Z's Gifts: play "chicken" kitchen, Little People plane + unopened birthday presents
Boo's Gift: Rock-a-stack

Z freaking loves her "chicken" as she has dubbed the kitchen.  She enjoys cooking us food and trying to sleep on top of it.  She wasn't so sure about what all these toys were doing in the house, but once we assured her she was free to play with them she loved it.

We had a crazy huge dinner with only 5 friends over.  The stuffing recipe I used may have been used for a small army, but it was/is delicious.  I made the mistake of not confirming arrival times, so we had one group show at 2 (1 hr earlier than expected) and I had to call the other, who thought we weren't eating until 5 not 3.  But once that was all sorted out, we dug in, the kids played and we watched A Christmas Story and Monsters Inc, while digesting.  Z got a nice egg on her head when chasing around one of the columns in the living room.  Boo decided she wanted to match and fell out of the bed onto the tile floor at 2am.  Awesome.  Thankfully Boo doesn't have a bruise and Z's isn't too bad after playing the "ice on my head, ice on your head" game for an hour.  It was a weird Christmas since we weren't around family and 90% of our friends were also away, but it was still good.  I'm just used to mania, so it was definitely a different type of celebration.  Today, we're all recovering from no naps/terrible sleep last night and I'm glad Liam only has one day of work left before the weekend.  So tired...

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  1. I'm also used to mania! Sometimes it's nice to switch it up a bit. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas!