Wednesday, December 19, 2012

iPhone screen and a little green chair

My iPhone screen is on the fritz.  It keeps fading from black to white and I can't see anything on it.  I can touch on things to answer a call or turn off my alarm or unlock it just because I remember where the keys are, but that's it.  It is really annoying.  Today I have another interview, which was rescheduled from yesterday.  The interviewer said that this way we would get more time to really talk and wouldn't be rushed.  Seems like this would be a good sign.  My interview earlier in the week was punctuated by the hilarious phrase of "we really want to get moving on this quickly because the woman being replaced could leave at any moment, so I'll be contacting people about second round interviews in mid-January."  Wow, that's really getting a move on it for a position posted in September.  I was hoping for good employment news by Christmas, but it probably won't happen.  So here's hoping for better news in January.

I'm also not really feeling all that Christmasy.  We decorated, the presents are wrapped, pandora Christmas station is on and that's about it.  We're planning our Christmas dinner with friends, but it just doesn't feel like Christmas.  It could have something to do with the fact that it's in the mid-70s, but I think it's also that none of the usual Christmas craziness is happening.  We're not going Christmas shopping at the stores, there isn't any family in town and it just doesn't feel like it.  We've done cookie decorating, gingerbread house making, and tonight we're having a teddy bear tea with Santa, so maybe that will get me more in the Christmas spirit.  It's only 5 days away, but it feels like it could be 6 months away.

And for the green chair bit of the title, Boo is using it to push herself around the house when the furniture to cruise on is not where the action is.  It's a green plastic IKEA chair and she just pulls herself up onto it and starts pushing it around while walking.  She's not the best at turning, so sometimes we have to move her off of walls, the dining room table or the big columns/pillars going on in the living room, but she's definitely trying to keep up with big sister!

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