Monday, December 31, 2012


I've never really cared for NYE.  There always seems to be so much hype and then...letdown.  I think it all stems from me being invited to the "popular" kids NYE party for Y2K.  It was absolutely boring topped off with my mom being 1 hour late to pick me up as usual.  Going out always seemed so expensive and crowded and staying in always ensures that I'm in bed by 10.  At least the staying in thing saves a bit of money.  Maybe in a few years we'll give it a shot.  This year Liam and I will be enjoying a bottle of sparkling wine as soon as the kids go to bed, celebrating new years in whatever time zone is up next and then passing out before Boo starts her nightly 4 hour "I just want to play" session.

She's literally just been waking up and staring at me.  If she's in the cot, she'll stand up and then just start crying and screaming, put her in the bed and she just sits up, rolls around, shakes her head from side to side and smacks the bed.  She will stay absolutely still for a good 15 min, so I think she's asleep and I can put her back in the cot, she'll start talking or blowing raspberries again.  So my days are pretty much shot while I try and get a few hours of shut eye while Melody is here.  If not I'd be a babbling basket case accidentally toasting CDs instead of bread for breakfast.

I have a few not so much resolutions, but plans for the new year.  Maybe I'll write about them, not sure yet.  But I do need to actually get to work on our 2013 calendar before I blink and it's already June!

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  1. I have the Same meh feelings about NYE. I cant think of a single awesome NYE party that i have been to. we usually stay home. that staying up to play thing must be so frustrating! I wish you many naps in 2013!