Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Z's First Day at Nursery...Again

So we're back at the school where she back last summer.  It's so different from her other school and not in the good way, but I really really think we were seriously spoiled by school #2.  They were amazing, so much so that we might have to look into moving Z up to the next age group because she is way ahead of the other kids in her class (spoon feeding herself, can walk up/down the stairs, etc).  I can see just from today that I'm going to have to be very specific as far as what I want for her.  A detailed written out schedule, label all of her food with when she is to eat what.  They aren't exactly the best at putting 2 and 2 together.  I think it's just how things are here because parents can be so temperamental if their 3 year old isn't allowed to drink a bottle in class or things like that.  We will see how it goes, but if I see her moving backward after a week or so, we're going to have to make a change to her class or I'm going to have to get a whole lot more involved.

I'm camped out in the nursery, which thankfully has wifi, to watch her first day and make sure she's transitioning well.  So far so good, all of her old teachers were so excited to see her and how big she's gotten, so at least they didn't forget about us.  I've even been able to get some reading and writing done, so it's been a seriously productive day.  Liam is coming to pick us up in a couple of hours and I'm sure he'll be pleased with all she's done today.  I'm happy she seems happy and is playing well with everyone and no tears, not that I expected there for be any.

My next big task to tackle once I'm ahead with all of my writing will be the job search.  There are some solid leads, I just don't know how much I can really follow them right now since I'm only 10 weeks away from having another baby.  This puts me at least 20 weeks away from actually starting a job.  Most of the places I could talk to would probably be for immediate starts, i.e. in the next few weeks/over the summer. This wouldn't really work out at all.  So I'll keep networking and let people know about my plans, but that I wouldn't really be able to start anything for a four or five months.  Bummer.  Well since my whole crazy plan for getting through law school seems to have panned out I'm just going to stick to my guns and keep hustling to make the job thing happen.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Getting Settled

Still slightly sick, haven't written a lick, but Z starts nursery again this week.  I hope she really likes it and I think she will, but you never know.  She has adjusted quite well to the transition.  If anything she's talking a lot more since we left my grandmother's house.  She squeals with delight whenever she sees pictures of the family or video and we have yet to be able to set up a skype date with them.

I am still hacking up a lung most nights due to post-nasal drip and it's getting to be really really annoying.  I can't take anything for it!  Boo is moving around like a fiend and there are only 10 more weeks to go.  I still can't believe how nonchalant I'm being about the whole thing.  At this point the only thing I'm really worrying about is that something will happen and I won't be able to get an epidural.  Well that and a freak snowstorm in March that would make me miss my weekend class and royally f' up graduating in May.  It wouldn't be pretty.  Once Z is in school I'll be able to hop back into paper/reflection writing and get some things done.  Nothing is due until after March 10th, but I still want to make sure it happens much sooner rather than later.  Since there are no distractions at the house once Z is away there are no excuses.

It's just over 60 pages all together that need to be completed until finishing 3L!  I can't believe it.  Settling back into family life has been quite easy.  Dish washing, going for walks, making lunches/dinners, date nights, laundry and tidying up the house every night have been the mainstays of our life and I'm loving it! Liam heads out to the men's golf holiday in Thailand with his dad and the rest of the guys in a few weeks and after that we're looking forward to a vacation or two during the summer.  No other solo travel required. I forgot how nice it feels to not be commuting crazy distances every week, running around with a  lunatic and generally just living a life where people say "What the hell are you doing?".  Now the only people who ask that question are our friends who can't believe we're leaving the party at 11:30 because we need to let the sitter go home!

Monday, February 20, 2012

We have arrived!

Well we've been HOME for more than a day now and it couldn't have come sooner.  The outline version of the trip:
  • Packed up the two vans with all of our luggage (4 large checked bags, 3 carry on suitcases, 1 large backpack, 2 car seats, 1 stroller, 1 diaper bag)
  • Gave Z a bath and bottle and put her in the car
  • Bad traffic getting to the airport, but that's the benefit of leaving 5 hours before the flight
  • Arrive at the airport 2 hrs before departure and the check in gods get them to check 2 of my additional carry ons!
  • Don't get stopped at security with any of my liquids! (Milk bottles, baby yogurt, sips)
  • Head to the quiet lounge to pick up some food, drinks and change Z twice before the flight (YAY flying with B-Class with all my frequent flier miles)
  • Board the flight, pull out 10% of the things I packed Z for the flight
  • Try to entertain Z for 8 hours of the 13 hour flight because she only sleeps for 5...
  • Eat as much as I can and order as much as I can, since I can't drink I'm getting as much out of this as I can, cause it's not going to happen for a long time
  • Z promptly falls asleep during landing :(
  • I carry her, my backpack, carseat and diaperbag off of the plane (hmm that was easier than I thought)
  • Once on shuttle bus to terminal I realize I forgot my wheely suitcase in the overhead, facepalm
  • Go through customs, wrangle two luggage dudes and collect bags in about 20 min...then have to wait another 30 for the bag from the plane, d'oh!
  • Head out with all bags, baby, luggage dudes and see Liam waiting!
  • Liam and 2 luggage guys completely load the 4x4, we have to put all the seats down but Z's with her seat
  • Drive home, promptly collapse
Now I've been battling jet lag, a stuffy nose, scratchy throat and cloudy head.  When we got home I called my family back home and started bawling.  It was really weird, they said how much they missed us and especially Z.  Some of her toys are still at the house.  My Gma even thought she heard her downstairs and talked about how much she missed having Z "help" her get ready for church.  I couldn't control the tears after I got off of the phone and felt really crummy about it, especially since Liam was so happy we were home.  I was happy we were home as well, but I was exhausted, knew how much my family was missing Z and just wished we could have the best of both worlds, but we can't.

I slept for much of Monday, Liam had to take the day off because I was in no shape to watch Z on my own.  We went for a meal Sunday at Applebee's at the mall after I realized I hadn't eaten all day, but Z wasn't having it.  The waitresses played with her while we scarfed down 15% of our meal, had everything boxed up, payed the check and left.  We won't be doing that again for a while.

Now it's just unpacking that ridiculous amount of luggage and finding a place for it all.  Maybe we'll head to the pool later today or just go for a walk.  I can't wait to get into a rhythm here and stop feeling bad about everyone missing us at home.   

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Car Wreck and Stomach Bug

That pretty much sums up my last few days, but all is good now.  I totaled my car while driving to school by skidding on black ice.  After seeing the car, everyone was pretty shocked I got out of the car unscathed.  Between the airbags and the seatbelt I might as well have been on a roller coaster ride.  I had no pain after or the day after, which everyone kept telling me to get ready for.  A very nice man stopped and waited with me until the the State Trooper arrived.  Since I don't look pregnant and was still a little dazed, but unharmed no one asked about an ambulance and I didn't suggest.  I did call my OB and they said to go to the OB ER and be seen there.  All of the doctors and nurses were shocked at how calm I was about the whole thing.  Since I felt Boo moving and didn't feel injured I guess I was a lot more calm than I might have been otherwise.

They kept me for monitoring for 6 hours and I didn't have any contractions and the heartbeat of Boo was good and strong.  I was definitely glad for my phone because it kept Liam from going off the deep end.  I called him about 10 min before my accident and he had to finish up a meeting, so he called me when I was in the trooper car and was obviously distraught by the whole thing.  Once he was able to video chat with my in the hospital and hear the heartbeat he was a lot happier and less concerned.  I did have to get my computer screen replaced again (had to do it in Dec), which isn't covered by AppleCare.  Grrrrr, I could have bought a new computer between both of those replacements! All in all after seeing the car and how things could have gone there couldn't have been a better outcome considering...

As for the stomach bug, I guess the fates decided that since I got out of the accident unscathed I was due for some kind of pain.  Let's just say that I'm glad there were so many people in the house to keep Z away from me because it wasn't a pretty picture.  So I got a few extensions on things until my smashed up computer was fixed and my stomach bug has passed.  The administration was really great about me missing class and changing deadlines, so I'm just glad there haven't been any real setbacks.

Packing was at a standstill and now that I don't have a car getting around it a little bit more difficult, but at least there are only a few days left.  I'm just worried now that one of those set backs is going to keep us from leaving and it is filling me with fear about our trip, which is only getting more and more complicated when I think of all of the things I need to bring with us!  Nap mat, pillow pet, 3 carry ons, stroller and a carseat!  WTF am I thinking.  I guess I'm thinking, surround Z with as much familiar stuff as possible, so she doesn't freak out, but really it's about making me feel less bad about taking her from a place (the house and school) she's gotten used to over the past 6 months and really grown.  I know she'll be just fine and love the house (so much room, so many little things just for her), but I'm still having slight anxiety.  If only teleportation were a thing!      

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Check and Check!

I finally tracked down my suitcases and then realized I had already bought another carry on previously, so that's taken care of.  The next 4 days will suck starting tomorrow, but then once it's over I'm on easy street, just trying to pack everything.  I've been buying up all of the markers, crayons, and stickers I can find.  Liam saw a set of Crayola washable markers at the store yesterday...for $24!!!! WTF?! I just bought a huge pack for about $5.  It's definitely worth it to buy it here and bring it over.  I'm also trying to get at least a months supply of Z's favorite snacks, yogurt melts, granola bars, fruit strips etc, so we'll have a lot of time to find things that she likes once we're home.  I have also been buying boxes of Thin Mints like it's my job.  Liam has been warned not to touch them.  When we were only dating for about 2 months, he finished the last few cookies that were sitting in the freezer in my apartment.  When I asked him about them he said he ate them, but "meh, didn't think they were very good."  I almost slammed his head in the open freezer door, THIN MINTS!!!!! Are you kidding me?! So the warning has gone out, don't touch under threat of bodily harm.

My paper writing is going at a good clip.  I'm actually on track to not freak out like a crazy crazy person when they are all due.  None are over 12 pages, which just seems so much shorter to me than I ever thought it could.  Progress is awesome!

Boo is moving a lot more, which is fun, especially when I can see my stomach jumping during classes or while writing.  I forgot how much I liked this feeling!  It's so reassuring and fun.  My hips aren't going downhill as fast as I thought they would, which is great because I was dreading the pain.  I know a lot of pregnant women get cravings while pregnant and I guess I haven't really been that out of the ordinary with sudden pangs of MUST EAT THIS NOW, but it hasn't been anything crazy.  My general cravings are for things salty, like pickles or potato chips or calcium heavy things, generally milk, ice cream or milkshakes.  And I don't eat the salty with the milky.  I'm not a ice cream lover outside of pregnancy.  I mean I'll have a sundae every now and then, but I'm always the one asking, "do you have a smaller size?" or "can I have a kid cone?"  While pregnant I have been able to down an entire large milkshake.  I'm really sad about the state that this second pregnancy has left my teeth in.  I've never had a cavity, but I can just tell by looking at them that my teeth are seriously depleted.  They look almost translucent at times, totally scaring me.  This is why any and all cravings I have for milk are immediately satisfied.  My body is trying to compensate, at least that's what I tell myself while slurping down another milkshake on the train.

I took Z to the doctor yesterday preemptively to ensure that we're not flying with an ear infection.  Her ability to not show any sign of illness has totally freaked me out.  She was sticking her fingers in her ears, so I wanted to make sure we had time to catch anything and get her the antibiotics in time.  We went, she doesn't have an ear infection and we're able to fly without worry and I also got her records for the last 6 months.  Yay!     

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hitting the Two Week Mark

We're off in two weeks.  Three of the big bags are packed and I still have to find another one!  I've driven all around town, so it looks like there is a little bit more driving required.  Z is enjoying her time with the family over the weekend while I have a non-fun filled time driving and in class.  At least after this the big push comes next weekend with 4 days of travel into the city and then that's it!

I got to my uncle's house about 20 min after the Superbowl kick off after driving back from class.  Z was still awake and fared really well all the way until the end.  I think having a house filled with new kids was really exciting for her.  She only started to have a meltdown after the game when we were leaving.  And she was asleep in the 8 minute drive from his house to our house.  She didn't even wake up when I changed her diaper and changed her into her PJs.  Talk about passed out!

It was nice to see the family and my aunt's side as well.  They are always such great cooks, well I guess as caters it's kind of their thing.  There were brownies, 3 types of chicken wings, rice and beans, potato salad and tons of other goodies.  The only thing I wish we had were nachos or some kind of dip other than salsa.  I was in a serious calorie craving mode.  It seems I'll just have to solve that problem today!