Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kickass Day!

Today we went to a family fun day at a local beach resort sponsored by a women's group I participate in.  The place had a bunch of pools, a beach, lots of room and sun loungers, a bouncy obstacle course for the event and then food.  We had a lot of fun and FIL had a great time playing with Z in the water.  The pool was a little cool, but Liam braved it to go in with Z.  Her teeth were chattering, but she was pissed when we tried to take her out.  She did not want to give up her pool time, this is even after a slip in the baby pool, which ended with her under the water and sputtering with a huge smile on her face.  This kid loves the water and we need to get her into swimming lessons ASAP before she throws herself into a large body of water. 

Z was kicking some serious butt on the blow up obstacle course.  She was one of the youngest kids there, but she was keeping up and really surprised us by climbing a 4 foot inflatable ladder on her own and then heading down the slide every which was she could.  It wasn't all sunshine though when both Liam and I experienced our first scolding a kid we didn't know moment.  This kid walked all the way across the bouncy area to Z and just grabbed her by the face and pushed her down.  That kid, who was old enough to know better, was just lucky that pregnant me couldn't get in that bounce house and pull him out to find his mother.  We finally moved on and came back later after his weirdly targeted aggressive behavior didn't seem to be waning.  Later on we came back and had fun again until a girl who had to be at least 5 decided that she would push Z off of the ladder she was climbing.  This time Liam spoke up and her parents seemed to be nowhere to be found.  This was our first run in with wanting to trip someone else's kid and calling them a name in our heads that shouldn't be said in polite company. 

In addition to all of the fun in the sun that we enjoyed there was also a raffle.  Now I pretty much never pay attention to these because I don't ever win anything.  The prizes were a massage, free photo session and prints from a photographer, and a free round-trip flight anywhere the sponsoring airline flies.  I freaking WON the round-trip flight!!! I was shocked when they called my name and probably looked totally ungrateful because I just kind of walked up, held out my hand and went back to our loungers.  This is HUGE for us!  We can have my grandmom come out for free for Boo's birth, which is saving us about $1600.  Talk about a good $70 investment for our tickets to the event.  I only wish my luck had rubbed off on those Mega Millions tickets my family bought, but hey you can't win it all.  I'm taking this as a seriously good sign and will get writing tomorrow, while Z is at school and FIL watches the golf.  Must keep up this good day momentum as long as possible!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Still Running

We are just getting back from an impromptu get together with a friend of mine who I haven't seen in about 3 years, who's visiting her dad for a week.  This was after a brunch for our other set of friends who are moving to New Zealand in 2 weeks.  At the impromptu get together I refound a friend who I also hadn't seen in 3 years, only to find out that they (husband, wife and triplet boys) are leaving the country in 9 weeks.  It was really great to talk to them and really felt like old times.  We laughed, drank some sodas and just chatted about our lives.  I forgot how good it feels to hang out with my friends as opposed to our friends.  Although it doesn't generally seem like a big deal, the cultural barrier sometimes means that we're speaking the same language, but not really hearing one another.  I guess this is a side effect of marrying someone from another country and hanging out almost exclusively with people from the UK.  Since I'm back full time now, I'm going to have to start cultivating some more ME friends as opposed to OUR friends via Liam. 

I still feel like we're just running to get settled.  I'm finally back, not seriously sick, Liam's back, FIL is here and our weekend is packed.  I'm looking forward to next weekend where we'll actually be able to relax and just veg.  Well at least until Boo arrives.  I still can't believe that it's actually happening.  I still think that this time of year 5 years ago I was trying to overcome my senioritis for undergrad.  The more things change the more they stay the same!

Monday, March 26, 2012


So that inability to eat, drink or swallow anything was probably a good sign that I should have gotten to a doctor sooner.  I was finally able to make it to the doctor's office a few days ago and I'm feeling so much better.  Of course this would happen while Liam was away and I had Z all on my own.  I'm glad she knows some sign language because that was the only way we were talking most of the days she was home alone with me.  She was a trooper and didn't seem to mind much.  She's with the exception of one night been putting herself to sleep.  I have no idea what brought it on or why she's doing it, but it's amazing.  We give her a bath, she drinks the bottle while she gets dried off and dressed in her pjs and then held while she finishes whatever's left.  After she's done with the bottle, she gets a couple more mins of cuddle time and then one of us puts her in the crib and she just talks or sings to herself until she goes to sleep.  Once she's asleep, she's out until the morning, so a good 11-12 hours.  It's the BEST!!! I just can't wait to fully appreciate a full night's rest when I'm not coughing continuously throughout the night. 

I have 4 more days until my next paper is due and about 3 more pages that need to be completed.  It will certainly be easier now that Liam will be back, Z's going to school tomorrow and I'm not praying for my throat to be removed.  We're settling in nicely to a new routine and once Liam's back it will be a long long time before we have to be separated again.  Score!  FIL will be visiting at the end of the week.  It's been almost a year since he's seen Z, so it will be interesting to see how that goes.  She loves pretty much anyone she meets, so I'm sure they will get along just fine.  I believe he's brought her some nice presents from his trip to Thailand.  We'll be going to a spring beach party with a mom's group I belong to this weekend with an Easter egg hunt, Bunny pictures and other fun things.  It will be a nice family day to spend with FIL and all of us together.

I still can't even grasp the fact that in 4 weeks (hopefully sooner) I'll be completely finished with all of the requirements for 3L and on my way to graduation.  I'll also be 38 weeks with a new baby just around the corner.  It certainly doesn't seem as crazy as it was last time.  Boo moves like a crazy mountain climber, but other than that and when getting up from low seats, I forget I'm pregnant.  Only 7 more days of my antibiotics, less than 30 pages to write and some serious relaxing to do!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last Day of Class

Tomorrow I will be attending my last day of class.  I still can't believe that this almost 3 year journey will be ending.  I'll still have 4 papers due (2 with less than 3 pages left), but no more class time!  My whirlwind trip back to the US for class is nice, but I would much rather be at home.  Z has an ear infection and a bad cold, but from how she's running around and playing you would never know it.  It almost freaks me out that she acts so normal when she's sick.  It's so hard to tell if it's something serious or just the sniffles or a cough.  But little Miss Sicky is still good at passing on those germs as Liam and I have learned.  We are both battling through sore throats, coughs and runny noses, but at least I get to do it on my own.  Liam is taking a sick day today and taking Z to school to get some rest.  I don't blame him at all, especially after their fun filled weekend of garage sale hunting, meeting our new Aussie neighbors, finally petting our other neighbor's dog and wearing some hilarious St. Paddy's Day getups.

I leave for home on Tuesday and arrive on Wednesday night, just in time for Liam to fly out about 2 hours after I land.  So we will be in the airport together, but won't get to see one another for another 5 days.  Our friends down the street with the most amazing maid/nanny, Amy, will be babysitting for those couple of hours.  I'm sure Z will be really disappointed when I show up to relieve her.  Z literally cries every time Amy leaves the house after babysitting for the night (if she's still awake).  And whenever we see Amy in the compound, Z just takes of running and gives her a huge hug and doesn't want to leave her side.  We're almost hoping our friends leave the country, so we could hire her.  As it is she's our go to babysitter for date night and Amy and her husband come over to clean once a week.  They are awesome!

I can't believe I'm 33 weeks.  Less than 2 months from baby time!  How the hell did that happen?!  The incentives to getting my work finished are increasing with each passing day.  Boo is a totally crazy mover most of the time, which is nice, but it will be weird adjusting to all of those movements being on the outside.  I remember missing the movement once Z was born.  We're a little worried about how Z will react to the new baby, but hoping that keeping her routine together will make it easier.  We're also trying to see about having my mom and grandmother come over again.  Things are certainly a lot more relaxed this time around.  Perhaps I should be a bit more keyed up, I'm sure intense nesting and baking will start soon!  

Monday, March 12, 2012

Seriously Crazy

That's what things have been lately.  It seems that all of my crap about getting things done and not rushing didn't actually pan out.  For some reason I found myself finishing papers that weren't due until April and forgetting about things due this week!  I don't know wtf happened to my calendar, but I must have had a serious brain fart when creating my tasks chart.  Z is a bit snooty and had a slight fever at school yesterday.  She didn't have one this morning and she was playing just fine yesterday after school so we sent her in today.  I'm writing my paper that's due by midnight as quickly as possible, so that if I get a call saying she needs a pick up I can call a cab and go get her.  The paper is a make up for a class I missed due to my car accident.  It's actually on an interesting topic about dispute resolution in the workplace, so that helps some.

Other than the 3 assignments I completed yesterday and the paper, I have due on Wednesday I'm pretty glad that I only have 4 papers left until the end of the semester.  One of them is already written, I only have 22 single spaced pages left!  I can't believe it.  I fly out this weekend for my last class ever of law school.  I can't even tell you how much I'm looking forward to flying on my own.  I'm not looking forward to the trip, but I am looking forward to the sitting in my seat and eatings, drinking, watching movies and getting up whenever I want.  It's only 4 nights, so I'll be ridiculously jetlagged going in both directions.  I have no idea how I did all of this moving around and shuffling last year when I was pregnant with Z.  I mean seriously, I was moving from apartment to apartment every two weeks, taking the train up to stay with my family on weekends, lugging all of my crap all over the city.  That was just freaking crazy!

I actually started cooking and baking again! Yay semi-organized kitchen and not having a train load of people waltzing into the house and eating everything like a bunch of locusts.  Although I do miss my family a lot at times.  I especially miss my grandmother and I know she really really misses Z.  We will see if we can get her out here for Boo's birth, but it's not looking too good.  Between my loans coming up, paying out of pocket for the delivery at a private hospital, flying to the wedding this summer and nursery costs, I don't think we can swing the two tickets for my mom and grandmom this year.  It sucks though because she really does miss Z.  She keeps talking about how she keeps thinking she's hearing her in the house or she'll still do things she did to make sure Z didn't get into too much trouble (like put trash cans on top of the end table downstairs).  I think it's weird for her having an empty house again, just like it's weird for us to be living in one.

And on the job front, well not my job, but Liam's...there is a possibility of a change during the next year.  He's quite the hot commodity with the CEO and COO of this huge government company calling on him for different projects and recommending him for others.  He may have the opportunity to move over to this government company that he is currently seconded to at the years end.  It would be great as far as benefits go: full international health insurance, flights home for all of us, pay for nursery and private school (the only option here), housing, car stipend, furniture allowance and more...but the catch is it would pretty much nix any chance I would have of finding a serious well paying job.  He would have to sponsor me to get a residency permit, instead of a job sponsoring me.  While his job would then provide many of the benefits I'm looking for in a job, it would place the majority of all of he breadwinning and the stress that goes with it squarely on Liam's shoulders and he's had that burden for the past 3 years knowing it was for a finite period of time.  To know that it would be that way for the foreseeable future is quite another story. 

Women who are sponsored by their husbands don't get the same kind of benefits or even salary because employers go into old school 1960s mode of "well your husband is supporting the family, this is just your pocket money".  We definitely have time to figure it out and I've been applying and poking around, but most jobs here are for an immediate start and I'm kind of not in that boat for at least another 4-5 months.  Paper writing break over.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh SAHMing

I guess I've kind of been a SAHM for the past 6 months, but it really feels different now that I'm not even going to classes.  Z goes to school 3 days per week, so I can write, but other than that it's just me and her. I still haven't been able to organize our days in the way I would like.  We're not being all that productive, doing activities, making crafts.  Usually I'm just trying to get a few things done throughout the day, make us breakfast, maybe wash the dishes, make lunch, put her down for a nap, and if I'm lucky maybe throw together something for Liam for when he gets home at 3:30, since he doesn't get a lunch break.  Those are good days, but today has actually been a bit better.  Z seems to be finding her comfort zone in the house and less dependent on having me in the room with her for every single second.  She actually let me wash dishes while she played with a big stack of plastic cups in the living room while sitting on her baby stool.  I also washed dishes while she played in the pots and pans cupboard and there wasn't one freak out on her part.  She's getting used to the house and I'm very happy about that.  What I have come to realize is that I can't wait to get a job, not only because it will help us to pay off my loans and the mortgage on the house in the UK a lot faster, but also because I actually enjoy working.  I do like spending time with Z and being home with her, but doing it indefinitely is something that would probably make me go insane!  So I'll have fun while we have these days together!  

As far as papers go, I'm good with all of that.  Finished a 6 pager yesterday and I am on target to finish things up without having a mental breakdown...I hope.  I think we're settling on me not taking the bar in July, but taking it in July instead.  I'll only be 2.5 months post baby and if last time was any indication I'll need at least a month to feel like a normal non-zombie human being.  Plus we have a wedding to fly out for that is all happening the same week at the bar exam.  I think the real reason is that there isn't any rush, plus BarBri is crazy expensive!  Since the job hunt is taking such a non-normal route and pretty much no one knows what to do with me, I'll just take my time, find the best jurisdiction for what I'll be doing and pick it all back up later in the year.  It's not 100% at this point, but this is what we're thinking...