Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Potty Time

Z used the potty for the first time today! and it was at school.  We have been asking for her to move up to the next class for about months now.  She liked her class, but she was in there with babies and it was showing by the fact that she would sometimes not want to feed herself, hold her own drinks, etc.  We wanted her to move up because she was more mobile, vocal and better able to follow directions than most kids in the class.  But the director of the school restructured the classes from 12-18mos and then 19mos-24 months to 1yr-2yrs, 2yrs-3yrs and didn't tell us.

So Liam went into the class to pick her up and they told him one of the other kids had been moved up ahead of her.  Well we sent the director a message and told her under no uncertain terms that she needed to be moved up.  She explained the age grouping shift, but said they would move her up because her teachers felt she should be moved up because she was doing a lot more than the other kids.  I knew it would be a good move for her.  The only way we got her to drink from a sippy cups and use a fork was by having other little kids in her class doing it.  Lo and behold today in her little progress book the note says she used the potty twice today!  I had been trying to get her to do it.  Pretty much sitting on the bathroom floor while she sat on the pot for a good 45 min only to have her hop off and pee on the floor, so I was pumped at this development.  She's a kid that sees other big kids doing something and then she's all over it.  So hopefully it will happen by the time she's 2, that would be awesome.  We have 2 months to get the basics down.

Boo is her usual spit bubble blowing self.  Her legs are getting stronger and I think she'll be looking to crawl soon.  I'm looking forward to that day and also dreading it.  But at least then she'll be able to attack her sister or run away, which ever her preference might be.  

Freezer Meal Cooking and other miscellany

The past few days I've been trying to do some intense bulk cooking and freezing.  I'm preparing for once I'm working and will not have time to cook. Wishful thinking I know!  But I've been trying to do a lot of meals (meatballs and spaghetti sauce, ground beef, onions and pepper mix, mini fritattas), but I'm kind of stuck.  Those are pretty much the only recipes I seem to be making, well and pancakes, lots and lots of pancakes.  I mean I probably make like 60 pancakes every week.  And it only lasts maybe 2 weeks.  Anyone know of a free freezer meal prep site for good recipes.  I was going to use Once a Month Mom, but she's charging now.  Grrr.

The plan is that I can do a big cook once every few weeks, so we can have breakfast, lunch and dinner ready in the freezer.  I can take out what we want to eat the night before and then Melody can heat it up for when we get home.  Since Z is going to sleep at 6:30-7 this means that once we both get home it's less time wasted cooking and more time spend playing. That's the plan anyway.  Melody is also working side by side with me to learn how we like our food and the recipes we enjoy, but her main priority is the kids, not cooking and I actually like cooking and want to do it.

I have had a few more referral contacts take on my resume and say that I would make a great addition, so far no bites.  I did have a meeting with a public policy institute direct about their operation, but it's crazy small.  Like less than 10 people small, so it was a good contact and we talked about cool things, but nothing is going to come of that.  At least I got to try out my freaking amazing sock bun!  How did I never freaking know about this?! I mean, I'm seriously clueless about all things makeup, hair and general putting myself together know-how.  It's kind of sad, I can tell you in a sec what looks awesome, but have zero ability to do it for myself.  So this was a big step for me in eventually needing to look like a professional.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Same Same

There is a lot of that going on.  A lot of the same things happening.  Had some people over on Thursday night, chatted, ate way too many sweets, listening to music, ended up watching the movies we put on for the kids and then turned in early.  Pretty much the perfect night!  I also ventured into my first gluten free baking adventure.  We have a friend who has celiac disease and I didn't want her to be left out when it came to the sweets, so we bought a GF mix.  The cookies were a bit overcooked because they don't A) spread on the cookie sheet or B) change color, so there was some guesswork, but were still yummy.  Score!

My friends also let me know there are some jobs I'll be getting interview requests for, but no telling on when it will happen.  No one seems to be in a rush to hire, although they are all swamped because they are understaffed.  It doesn't make sense to me either!

Boo is officially a sitter, sitting up nice and strong and only occasionally falling over.  She's also a roller, which is scary and we've had a few close calls.  Z is talking more and more.  We ask her about school and she proceeds to give us a good 5 minutes of pretty much unintelligible stories with facial expressions and arm movements, so we just go along and nod our heads.  It's also a good distraction method to get her to eat her veggies during dinner.  Everyday she says or does something else and Liam and I just look at her and go, "Wow, where did she learn that?" or "She's getting so big!"  It's weird.

Halloween and the rest of the holiday season and I'm so pumped for it.  It doesn't help that Melody is already chomping at the bit to start decorating. Apparently in the Philippines people start decorating for Christmas about now.  I'm really going to try and hold off, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to wait all the way until Black Friday.  I love this time of year!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Stuffy Noses and Swimming

Z loves the water.  She freaking loves the pool, bathtub, even playing in the sink.  One sure fire way to stop any tantrum or tears is to fill with bathroom sink and bust out the water beads.  She would literally spend 2 hours just standing on a chair at the sink pouring water and water beads into different sized containers.  But yesterday, she got a super water extravaganza day that began with her swim lesson and ended with a 4 hour pool party in our compound.  All of our friends with kids were over and it was a bit crazy, but Liam held onto her when she wasn't trucking around the pool with her swim noodle and has a great time.  She's great at pulling herself out of the pool, which makes me feel better about her being in the pool.  And having all those kids around was great, even if they were all older.  The youngest were 5, but she was right there with them, running into the pool showers against the wall, climbing in using the ladder and jumping into Liam's arms.

The BBQing didn't start until late because it's just too hot to grill in the day even under the sun shade, but she didn't care downing a hot dog, sausage and some wings!  We thought she would be pooped...not even.  Bed time wasn't as easy as we thought it would be because she still had so much energy! But she eventually went down and so did Z.  I turned in early as my startup work beginning at Ungodly O'clock is draining.  It doesn't help when your breathing is seriously compromised by a stuffy nose and a sore throat.  Thankfully, we're all finally getting over the remnants of our colds, which is making life a lot more liveable.  Even with all of that it was so much fun to see Z having a ball.  She just kept saying "The boys in the pool." ".The boys in the shower" "The boys eating."  Are you sensing a theme here.  Her takeaways from a 4 year old's birthday party a couple of weeks ago was "The boys slide."  Liam's already getting defensive that the boys are getting so much attention already.  We'll just have to keep an eye on our westle mania toy loving, pocketbook toting, nail polish wanting, rough and tumble girl.