Monday, December 31, 2012


I've never really cared for NYE.  There always seems to be so much hype and then...letdown.  I think it all stems from me being invited to the "popular" kids NYE party for Y2K.  It was absolutely boring topped off with my mom being 1 hour late to pick me up as usual.  Going out always seemed so expensive and crowded and staying in always ensures that I'm in bed by 10.  At least the staying in thing saves a bit of money.  Maybe in a few years we'll give it a shot.  This year Liam and I will be enjoying a bottle of sparkling wine as soon as the kids go to bed, celebrating new years in whatever time zone is up next and then passing out before Boo starts her nightly 4 hour "I just want to play" session.

She's literally just been waking up and staring at me.  If she's in the cot, she'll stand up and then just start crying and screaming, put her in the bed and she just sits up, rolls around, shakes her head from side to side and smacks the bed.  She will stay absolutely still for a good 15 min, so I think she's asleep and I can put her back in the cot, she'll start talking or blowing raspberries again.  So my days are pretty much shot while I try and get a few hours of shut eye while Melody is here.  If not I'd be a babbling basket case accidentally toasting CDs instead of bread for breakfast.

I have a few not so much resolutions, but plans for the new year.  Maybe I'll write about them, not sure yet.  But I do need to actually get to work on our 2013 calendar before I blink and it's already June!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

After Christmas Recap

My gift: New diaper bag!
Liam's Gift: A thoughtful card
Z's Gifts: play "chicken" kitchen, Little People plane + unopened birthday presents
Boo's Gift: Rock-a-stack

Z freaking loves her "chicken" as she has dubbed the kitchen.  She enjoys cooking us food and trying to sleep on top of it.  She wasn't so sure about what all these toys were doing in the house, but once we assured her she was free to play with them she loved it.

We had a crazy huge dinner with only 5 friends over.  The stuffing recipe I used may have been used for a small army, but it was/is delicious.  I made the mistake of not confirming arrival times, so we had one group show at 2 (1 hr earlier than expected) and I had to call the other, who thought we weren't eating until 5 not 3.  But once that was all sorted out, we dug in, the kids played and we watched A Christmas Story and Monsters Inc, while digesting.  Z got a nice egg on her head when chasing around one of the columns in the living room.  Boo decided she wanted to match and fell out of the bed onto the tile floor at 2am.  Awesome.  Thankfully Boo doesn't have a bruise and Z's isn't too bad after playing the "ice on my head, ice on your head" game for an hour.  It was a weird Christmas since we weren't around family and 90% of our friends were also away, but it was still good.  I'm just used to mania, so it was definitely a different type of celebration.  Today, we're all recovering from no naps/terrible sleep last night and I'm glad Liam only has one day of work left before the weekend.  So tired...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

iPhone screen and a little green chair

My iPhone screen is on the fritz.  It keeps fading from black to white and I can't see anything on it.  I can touch on things to answer a call or turn off my alarm or unlock it just because I remember where the keys are, but that's it.  It is really annoying.  Today I have another interview, which was rescheduled from yesterday.  The interviewer said that this way we would get more time to really talk and wouldn't be rushed.  Seems like this would be a good sign.  My interview earlier in the week was punctuated by the hilarious phrase of "we really want to get moving on this quickly because the woman being replaced could leave at any moment, so I'll be contacting people about second round interviews in mid-January."  Wow, that's really getting a move on it for a position posted in September.  I was hoping for good employment news by Christmas, but it probably won't happen.  So here's hoping for better news in January.

I'm also not really feeling all that Christmasy.  We decorated, the presents are wrapped, pandora Christmas station is on and that's about it.  We're planning our Christmas dinner with friends, but it just doesn't feel like Christmas.  It could have something to do with the fact that it's in the mid-70s, but I think it's also that none of the usual Christmas craziness is happening.  We're not going Christmas shopping at the stores, there isn't any family in town and it just doesn't feel like it.  We've done cookie decorating, gingerbread house making, and tonight we're having a teddy bear tea with Santa, so maybe that will get me more in the Christmas spirit.  It's only 5 days away, but it feels like it could be 6 months away.

And for the green chair bit of the title, Boo is using it to push herself around the house when the furniture to cruise on is not where the action is.  It's a green plastic IKEA chair and she just pulls herself up onto it and starts pushing it around while walking.  She's not the best at turning, so sometimes we have to move her off of walls, the dining room table or the big columns/pillars going on in the living room, but she's definitely trying to keep up with big sister!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vegetable Eater!

Looks like we managed to get Z's non-veggie eating derailed for a bit.  She used to LOVE veggies.  She would gladly eat broccoli, carrots, green beans, you name it.  Then she just stopped, she would refuse it and not touch a bite.  Well last night we finally decided it was enough.  After a little threatening, no more sausage until you eat some broccoli and even throwing in the possibility of watching a little more of Toy Story before bed wasn't enough.  This is when Liam took over and put them both on the same fork with his salmon.  Veggie first then fish.  And she ate it!  I was so happy I gave her a high 5 and gave a "yay!" That became the veggie eating cure for the night.  After each piece, she got a high 5 and a "wow, doesn't that taste so good? Good job!"  Now I'm not usually one for praise for things you should be doing anyway, but the fact that we got some broccoli and potato into her after a long veggie drought it was enough to park that thought for a while.

Boo is happily eating anything and everything we give her.  She's at 3 meals per day.  I went crazy with the baby food making (carrots, squash, green beans, broccoli, applesauce), so she has a good selection including oatmeal.  Chicken and maybe salmon will be next.  But she gets ravenous.  I'm still feeding her 4-5 times per day and she's getting her fill of milk for sure, but she's also all about food.  I think it's the fact that she's moving so much now.  Her new adventure is to try and stand up without holding onto anything once she pulls herself up on the couch or chair.  It generally ends in .5 seconds of standing and has helped her perfect her butt fall.  The other fun thing is I think she's finally getting the whole sign language thing.  She will sign more every so often, especially when she wants more food, but we're still doing a few other key signs to hopefully get more out of her in the future.

Another phone interview today! And I was contacted by a recruiter I emailed in November about a possible position.  So yeah...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Seriously? Is someone messing with me?

Another interview/ghost application from July being revived.  I came back from lunch with a friend and dropping off my thank you cards for my interview yesterday and there was an email in my inbox asking if I was still interested in a position I applied for back in July.  I mean seriously?! I feel like this is all a big joke people are playing on me.  Like wait until she really starts freaking out and then we will all email her at once!  I'm definitely not complaining, but it would have been nice, if they had all told me they would hold off on further contact until Dec, so I could have enjoyed the past 6 months a little more.  Hoping that one of these leads will pan out!

Monday, December 10, 2012

1 Down 1 To Go

The first interview for job No. 1 went really well.  It seemed more like the interviewer was trying to sell the position to me and letting me know that it wasn't going to be super super fun all of the time, which I definitely already knew.  Jan through April is going to be a bit crazy, which is understandable and I assured her I would be ready for it.  So there will be another interview before an offer.  I'm pretty sure I'll get a second round, but would definitely be completely bummed if I didn't get it.  The HR person I met with after said that they had gotten hundreds of applications for this position, so it was a really good sign that I made it to this point.  Fingers crossed.  Also a bonus, I was informed that the position would come with an professional development/conference leave, which means they would fly me to and pay for one every year.  Sweet!  The timeline for the start date would be a bit murky because the hiring manager is leaving for 2 weeks over the holidays, so they are hoping to get second interviews in before she leaves and a start date would be in mid to late January.

I'm meeting with a friend, who is in a similar role for Job No. 2 at another company, for lunch to discuss things I should know that might not be obvious.  It will be interesting to see if they are doing second interviews for this one, since I would imagine the pool might be smaller since it was taken down about 4 months ago.  Or maybe everyone else applying is like me and still eagerly awaiting a phone call!  Either one of these would be an awesome Christmas present!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Should Have Known

I have the one interview coming up next week, then yesterday I get another email from my No.1 choice asking for an interview tomorrow! I'm so nervous and incredibly happy about it. I'm hoping it's not just a courtesy interview because I had so many people putting in a good word for me. Clothes are selected, had to dig around to find a pair of heels, been interview prepping all day, and ordered the taxi for tomorrow. I'm very excited and can't wait to get in there and make a great impression. 

Monday, December 3, 2012


Boo is officially a cruiser.  She's just a few days over 7 months and beating Z's cruising age of 8 months.  This also means impromptu corner covering to make she she doesn't split her head open.  She can pull herself up on the sofa, coffee tables and chairs.  We also went to a new grocery store this weekend and found regular CHEERIOS!!! I was so happy.  The box cost over $10, but it's huge and only Boo will be using it, so it should last us until she's sick of them in a few months as a put some in the freezer.

I also made some baby food.  Carrots, applesauce, green beans and peas.  I froze them in mini muffin tins, which makes it really easy to mix and match during meal time.  I'm going to start making meat meals soon.  I think she'll like it.  Maybe even some salmon, yummy.  Now we just have to get Z excited about her veggies again.  She's going to get scurvy at the rate we're going.

Oh and I also have an interview in 2 weeks.  It was a job I had written off, since I applied 4 months ago.  But I got an email asking if I was still available and interested.  I certainly am.  It's a more office based job, not the fun external position I also applied for and really want, but I think this one would definitely be more portable to other places.  We'll see how it goes, fingers crossed.  I feel like this journey is just taking forever and I really hate to get my hopes up, but I kind of can't help it.  Can't wait to channel soem of this excitement into actually working and not going crazy on Pintrest!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

2nd Birthday!

Z had her second birthday party this weekend.  It was a lot of fun.  I was debating on whether or not we would be a McDonalds/Burger King party or one at home, but finally decided that the extra work would be worth it.  I baked dozens and dozens of sugar cookies, whipped up some icing, colored it and put it all in piping bags.  We also bought tons of sprinkles and candies for the kids to use to decorate.  There were only about 5 kids decorating, plus some younger siblings, but that was more than enough!

I'm sure we'll be finding sprinkles for weeks.  Some of their creations were quite interesting, like the tutu wearing T-Rex.  Z didn't open any of the presents she received, we just put them under the tree.  She did play with one huge knitted doll a friend brought though.  All of the rest just save us from wrapping things for Christmas, YAY!!  So now there are presents under our tree and cookies already baked, it's definitely feeling a lot like Christmas.

Next two weeks, we have a Christmas sing along, tea with Santa, Winter Carnival, gingerbread making class and cookie decorating!  I'm really looking forward to all of this keeping us in the holiday spirit, since round-the-clock Christmas music on the radio isn't ubiquitous over here.  Plus we don't make it to the malls enough to see the decorations they have put up.  We might make it to a tree lighting at one of the hotels where they give out free hot chocolate and cookies.

But I can't believe my baby is two.  She's counting to 12, singing most of her ABCs, is generally a non-abusive big sister and just keeps getting bigger everyday.  It's really fun that I get to have a conversation with her and she can understand and respond to me.