Thursday, January 17, 2013

Enjoying scaring Liam ;)

Disclaimer: I'm not pregnant!

I've never told Liam when I've thought I might be pregnant.  I always take the test before letting him know.  While it's only usually about 10min-a few hours after the test, he still doesn't know until it's all said and done.  Last time, I headed over the the pharmacy in the mall with his credit card, while he was finishing our grocery check out.   He got a text saying I'd spent X amount, but he didn't know what it was for.  So yesterday it was like deja vu all over again.  He was wrapping up the grocery checkout, I grabbed his card and I had to head over to the pharmacy to pick up some more cough medicine for Boo.  I didn't realize that with my other impulse buys at the counter it came to roughly the same amount as that test had before.  Needless to say when he got the text from the pharmacy he was bugging me the whole rest of the trip back home to see what was in the bag.  After making him squirm a bit I finally burst out laughing and told him there was nothing to worry about!  

We will most likely be shooting for No. 3 to arrive sometime in 2014, but I would really like to be working for at least a year.  That said, anytime I head off to the pharmacy without Liam he gets a little twitchy.  I think I could really have fun with this...

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