Monday, January 28, 2013

Everyone is better

Z's tooth hasn't been fixed yet, if it can be, but she's eating normally again and taking it all in stride.  The bug/food poisoning has left us all and we're all back to normal.  I was feeling better to make it out to a sporting event/concert over the weekend that Liam had been dying to go to.  I tried to back out during the day because the girls were really trying our patience and I didn't think I would want to go out that night.  I didn't want to go, but Liam said that he wouldn't go unless I went.

So I sucked it up, put on a pretty shirt and we caught a taxi out there.  It was quite an evening...2 of the group were asked to leave the premises and the rest were warned and given yellow cards for various reasons, including but not limited to shooting off a fire extinguisher, puking, general disorderly conduct and other offenses.  Mind you, the majority of the group is in their 40s.  The end of the evening was topped off by me falling into the bathtub still filled with the girls' bath water and toys.  Liam fished me out and put me to bed.  The next day we realized that winter was over while we baked in the sun while Z played at the park.  It was 80 freaking degrees.  There was a short run to the corner store for some water and Snickers, but all was good.

The moral of the story is don't try and force yourself to have fun, because the results won't be pretty! But definitely entertaining :)  Other than that it's been slow going EXCEPT for Boo taking her first actual step.  Liam and I both stood as still as possible while she did it.  I didn't even move to get my phone to videotape it because I was so afraid of upsetting her concentration.  I think it was a cautionary, "can I do this?" step and she's probably not going to do another for a few weeks.  That was the MO for Z.  One step then 3 weeks with nothing and then walking.  I'm excited, then she can go to the park and won't feel left out!

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  1. Ha ha ha! I don't always like going out (Ok, I rarely do) but when I do, it's better when there are fun stories to tell afterward :) The fire hilarious!