Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ow my back

So yeah, threw it out and I'm feeling totally old.  I started doing a lot of core exercise and fear I may have overdone it.  Bending from side to side is fine, but forward is a no no.  The last time it was this bad was a couple of months after Z was born. I'm determined to make it better starting as soon as I can move like a normal person.  Oh life, awesome.

I was directly contacted yesterday by HR and a hiring manger for two different positions.  One was a temp one and another was one I'm seriously interested in and would be my top choice.  He said that I had been recommended to him and that I should apply asap because he was taking down the job post today.  I replied that I had applied back in Oct and hoped to hear from him soon.  I'm taking that as a good sign that he contacted me directly.  Then I still have 3 other second rounds coming up hopefully.  I definitely hope to be employed by the end of January, but I've been hoping that for all of 2012...

Boo is standing on her own now.  It's usually only for a few seconds in between shoving handfuls of Cheerios or yougurt melts into her mouth, but it's still fun to see.  She has also conquered the stairs, but we don't really let her do those.  They are freaking marble slabs of pain, so she only gets to go up when I can follow right behind to make sure she doesn't take a tumble.

Z still isn't potty trained... 

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