Saturday, February 16, 2013

Breaking Radio Silence

I didn't get "the job."  It's was a rough few days.  My inside the office source won't be back until March, so I'll have to wait until then to get the inside scoop.  It's supremely disappointing, especially because I don't know why the other person was chosen over me.  It's also going to be supremely awkward to go and visit my friend for lunch from now on.

I was very upset.  Liam took me out to dinner to make me feel better.  There was a concert we really wanted to go to next month, but I told Liam we would wait until after we heard about the job.  Not going to happen.  My friends are all being super supportive, but short of giving me a job there's not much they can do.  I've also decided to quit my part time job.  It was fine and easy, but it kept me homebound when I would really like to be doing things with the girls like go to the park, do crafts, go to playgroups, etc.  So I'll be taking advantage of stay at home momming and going full tilt.  My last day is this Friday and I don't even know if my boss knows I put in my notice.  That's the level of communication that's going on with this place.  In 6 months we've had about 2 meetings, spoken over the phone never, and via online chat maybe 20 times.  There was no response to my 2 weeks notice email, so I won't be surprised if I get an email 2 weeks from now asking why I missed a week of work. We shall see.

There were a couple of position that I recently saw posted.  These were the first in a couple of months that interested me and I was qualified for and that helped lift my spirits some.  The next few months (I guess) will be filled with me being home with the girls, continuing to look for work and not letting it completely consume me like it did before.  And I know that we are lucky that we can survive off of the one salary until Z is 4 and needs to start school, worst case scenario.  We can go out for a dinner every once in a while, go to a movie, and take Z to swim lessons.  I'm trying to shrug off the feeling of failure and just hopelessness and look at this as an opportunity that many people don't get and would love to have.  It will all work out...eventually.


  1. I am so sorry! Good luck and have fun embracing where you are now, which it seems that you are.

  2. Good luck! Sorry about the job :(

  3. I am so sorry about the job. Not knowing why is the worst. :( I'll be thinking good thoughts for you regarding the other listings!

  4. Ugh, sucks. :( Hoping this disappointment just means something bigger and better is around the corner!