Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cancelling Summer Vacation

As of right now, we're not cancelling because of financial reasons, although that may be the case later on, we're cancelling because both of our families are pissing us off!  Maybe it's an out of sight out of mind thing, but my family isn't the best at communicating.  Although I have a US number they can call/text whenever they seldom do.  It's all on my end to call, set up Facetime chats, etc.  My grandmother would do it more, but she doesn't have a computer/ipad to do the video chats.  I'm sick of calling, getting the kids together to talk to them and then just having my family walk in and out of the room, sometimes leaving it completely empty when we're trying to talk to them.  It's annoying and disappointing because we would like to kids to be able to speak with them, get to know them and their voices, etc.

And then the kicker comes with Liam's dad.  He's been bouncing all over the globe, visiting Liam's sister in Hong Kong, then a golf trip to South Africa and another in Thailand.  We asked if he would pop over after a layover in a nearby city, we would pay the difference, but he said no because we would have to get up at 2am to pick him up, etc.  So we left it.  Then we find out that his trip into South Africa stopped in neighbouring country/city (30 min flight away), but his flight to Thailand stopped HERE!!!!!!  Are you fucking kidding me?!  He then has Liam's sister contact him to ask Liam to track down a book he left on the flight a week ago when he flew through here.  I mean seriously.  Liam sent her a pretty scathing email, letting her know he wasn't directing it at her, but just pissed off that he's so nonchalant about not seeing his grandchildren.  I mean he was less than 15 minutes away at the airport and he just kept right on flying.  At this point, I say f*ck them all.  I'm not so sure we should be paying thousands of dollars to fly all over the world for people who don't seem to have the slightest inclination to make time for us and spend time with us.  We can just do a weekend holiday close to home and if they want to see us, well they can come here.  Sorry for the rant, we're just so pissed right now!


  1. UGH
    Double ugh.
    Who wouldn't want to see those cuties if they had the chance??!?!?!?!?
    I am sorry :(

  2. It's ok to not visit family :) I've followed your travels over the past few years and thought I'd finally chime in.

  3. Geez! That's so completely ridiculous! I find that there is often this magical child-less friend repellant as soon as you have kids but not for close family! I'm so sorry. I hope they come around for the sake of their grandkids.

  4. This wasn't in regards to my immediate family, but I was going to go to London and East Africa in May to visit Aunts, Uncles, and cousin I haven't seen in years. I wanted them to meet Zain and such. Everyone kept saying why the sudden need, but I thought it important. Then I set up a skype date with a cousin in London who just got engaged and waited around for her to come online (with the time difference) and she left me hanging for over an hour and threw off my whole day. At that point I realized that all my terribly wealthy cousins and family seem to be travelling all over the world, even close to us in North America, and then can never seem to make it to see us. They always expect us to come down and see them. I decided I rather spend the time and money travelling with my husband and baby. End rant.

  5. Holy crap. I think Liam's dad is related to mine. He emailed to tell me he was driving right past us but wouldn't be stopping and that it was due to our disagreement. No interest in his grandchild. I emailed back to say I don't ever want to hear from you again. I haven't and have had the most peaceful three years of my life.

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