Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Friend Dating

I've been friend dating for a while really trying to find some good friends over here.  I was definitely tired of hanging with Liam's work friends and their wives and wanted to branch out to people with/out kids more in an in between age for the both of us.  I've gotten to know and frequently hang out with two women, which is nice, but I think we've finally hit the couples jackpot.  A woman, Amy, I met through a California coffee group (grew up there for a few years) and her husband are awesome so far.  I've hung with her a few times and it's always fast talking, laughing, slightly inappropriate chatter that kind of sucks when it ends.  We're all hugs at the end and set up our next hang out pretty quickly.  We've done a family hang out at the beach once before and the husbands hit it off as well.  Now we've scheduled the first couples only dinner and I'm definitely looking forward to it!  It's exciting, it feels like dating all over again.  

The only tiny issue is that their one older daughter has a slight case of the "I do this better, Z's picture/cookies/whatever is messy, I'm taking my time."  She's 4 and Z doesn't notice, but so far I've kept the meetings to the babies to keep that to a minimum.  It's just nice to have a friend in the same time zone where I don't really feel like I have to censor myself, be on best behavior or explain all of the intricacies of American culture in every conversation.  So let's hope our group date goes well!  

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