Monday, March 18, 2013

Great Shipping Expedition

I have the beginnings of a work wardrobe sitting for me between my mom's and grandmother's houses. These are things I've bought over the ast year when I'm on the lookout for great sales.  $100 blazer for $15, thank you very much and so on.  But now I have to get all this over here.  Which means shelling out $100 in shipping and stupid customs forms to try and get everything over here.  I'm not that upset considering an office shirt here runs about $80, but I'm just hoping I'll be able to piece some kind of work wear together for the first week or so.  I literally have 2 pairs of work pants, 3 shirts, 2 cardigans 1 pair of work shoes. I can only mix and match that for so long.

So I've filled out all of the customs forms and hope that everything makes it hear safely.  In the meantime I'm playing with the girls, trying to get meals together for next week on.  I'll also be easing Boo into nursery school starting tomorrow.  Melody has Tuesdays off during the week, so we needed a solution for Boo.  I'm glad she's starting now because she really does need some more socialization and to be around more kids.  I think she'll like it and have fun and a week of hanging out there should be good.  If worst comes to worst, she only has to go once per week, but we'll start at 2 days and work up to 3 or start at 3 if she's a happy camper.

It's so weird to see her walking around now.  She reverted back to crawling for a day once we put shoes back on her, but now she's a little shoed walking demon and it's so weird.  She's so like a little person now and I'll be going back to work, it's all happening so quickly!  

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