Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Is my recruiter serious?

So I contacted a recruiter through a contact given to me by a neighbor.  Things have moved pretty quickly.  I emailed her late last week, she called the next day and I had an interview yesterday.  It was with a firm and it looks like I'll be getting an offer.  I spoke with two partners, who were 40 minutes late! but they both apologized and were really nice.  My recruiter said that they loved me and told the managing partner he doesn't need to interview me, they want to make me an offer.  So now I'll be talking with the HR director to discuss salary, hours and get the actual offer.  I'm still not really believing it because there have been so many rug pull moments over the past year.  It's not an associate position, but the pay is pretty freaking great, the hours are good, it would have a good amount of responsibility and the ability to build systems from the ground up and everyone keeps saying how nice everyone is in the office.

I'm still holding my breath until I get the actual offer, but it's looking pretty good.  I just have to stand my ground on salary, which isn't really negotiable, so that should be easy.  Exciting times!