Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Office Manager Position

So I had a partner and a senior associate pull me into an office separately and then together to discuss what's going on in the office.  I was frank, but professional and let them know what the issues were, how we could try and fix some and how we could try and make sure it doesn't all get so screwed up again.  The partner was also kind of miffed that in the office structure reshuffle I'm not longer working for him.  :) Made me feel kind of good that I made a good impression in just a few weeks.  The partner asked if it came to pass that this position was created would I be interested.  I said sure, I would think about it.  I really really would, but I still don't know if this firm would be for more in the long term.  It will be interesting to see how things progress going forward...


  1. This is awesome. Way to stand out!

  2. That is great news. You followed your conscience and may end up with a better gig. :-)

  3. I knew it! Good luck - hope it works out and maybe you can wrangle the people left standing and chart a new path for them.