Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Kiddos

Another weekend gone and it's Boo's 1st birthday!  I still can't believe it's been a year since she arrived.  It was all pretty chill after I finished my final paper and then went straight to the hospital.  For some reason the first birthday seems like an end of an era, although she's been doing most of the same things for months now.  She's eating like a champ, walk-running, saying Mama/Mum and Dada and just being a tiny little peanut.  She's still a toothless wonder and I don't know when those things are going to show up...I'm hoping soon.  I don't want to send her to pre-K without any teeth!  We will have cupcakes and pizza this evening to celebrate.  We bought her one toy, which Z decided she had to have.  Z was not happy to learn that she didn't get a birthday present as well, but she got over it once Boo decided to share her keyboard caterpillar.

Over the summer, we will do a joint welcome home/birthday party for the girls at a local discovery museum, so they will be where they get to balloons, big cake and lots of friends and family.  I'm actually getting really really excited about the summer trip.  I think the girls are going to love it.  It will be nice that both can run around, play, interact and just have fun.  We have 3 zoos, 2 amusement parks, 2 beaches and lots of park time scheduled.  It's going to be so ridiculously tiring, but I'm excited and my family is being a lot better about actually keeping in touch with us and showing their excitement as well.  Yay summer rain!

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