Sunday, May 19, 2013

Finger Woes

We're still dealing with the fallout from the finger in the drain.  It doesn't seem to be healing and alternates between looking really yucky and like it's on the road to healing.  We spent another day in the hospital this weekend having the ER doc and plastic surgeon look at it before we were referred to a hand specialist.  The hand specialist now wants us to meet with the hand surgeon on Wednesday and he will try and see if there is nerve damage/infection compromising the bone/just a slow healing wound.    It's definitely at least a little nerve racking.  I am freaking out that one of these day when we change the dressing (which is daily) that it's going to black or I'm going to see some kind of sepsis and she'll lose the finger.  It's just making me nervous that the healing isn't progressing more quickly.

I have no idea how people deal with more serious injuries/illnesses.  This is stressful enough!  But the saving grace is that she seems totally fine with it.  Boo doesn't really seem to care most of the time, only if we take too long putting on the new dressing.  Otherwise docs take a look, move the finger around, give it s squeeze etc and she just looks at them looking at her.  And I was comforted by that until I started thinking, Oh no what if it is nerve damage!  So Wednesday is the day we will finally have some more answers, I hope.

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