Friday, May 3, 2013

We have a baby down!

Boo is the latest injured baby to join the gang.  We were going to put the girls in the bath before naptime after a particularly Nutella filled morning.  We figured the safest place for them was in the tub while we rounded up the PJs, how much trouble could they get into in an empty tub...Boo decided to check out the drain and somehow got her finger stuck.  In her haste to get her finger out quickly Liam saw her yank it out.  She sliced it in a semicircle near the base.  Talk about screaming and man the blood was insane.  We called Melody and asked her to stay with Z while we took Boo to the hospital.  She fell asleep while driving there, so I took it as a good sign.  The pediatric emergency room saw us right away and then referred us to the regular trauma ER just up the road.  So we drove over there, again they took us back right away and showed us to an exam room.  I waited there with Boo by myself since it was the women and children section.  I wasn't happy about that bit and neither was Liam.  He waited in the car.  The doctor came and we went to Xrays to make sure is wasn't more serious.  After that was the real horrible part, the stitches.  To day she was screaming was an understatement   I was crying, she was crying the doctor and nurse were trying to do the stitches as quickly as possible.  It was 4 stitches in total and they referred us to the local health clinic for daily dressing changes.  All in all a draining experience.  For all of the complaints about living over here, the fact that we walked in, were seen treated and released within 2 hours and the whole thing without having health insurance, including medications for home only cost us $1.64 is pretty amazing.  They took great care of us and it didn't bankrupt us.

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  1. Oh, man. How awful and scary! So glad she's okay and that you had such great coverage without insurance!