Sunday, June 23, 2013

Flight Anxiety

I'm starting to freak out about the flights...a lot. Our first flight is leaving around midnight, so we'll put the girls to bed at their normal time of 6:30 and 7 and then head out to the airport at 9:30. They might sleep through the car ride there, but no way will they stay asleep in the bright, crowded airport.  Between check in, security and hanging around they are going to be two crazy cranky messes. At least that's what I'm preparing for. This will be our first long flight with Boo since she was 2 months old, so we'll see how she will fare.  I guess the worst thing about the night flight is that people expect to sleep, so if they are freaking out people will be even more missed than regular crying baby time. It's making me anxious just thinking about it. I think this flight is the one I'm most worried about because it's the only one so late at night. And to think I used to lament long flights pre-kids, ha! I didn't know how good I had it just being bored on a 14 hour flight or them running out of my meal choice. Oh the luxury!

1 comment:

  1. Good luck!! Hoping all goes well. My theory is that the only people who resent babies on flights are people who have never had children (everyone else is happy it's not their kid). And those childless resenters will no doubt be ultimately given kids who are THE WORST SCREAMERS on airplanes as punishment for the dirty looks.

    It works for me as a theory. :)