Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gearing up for vacation

We're leaving next week to head to Ireland and then onto the US. It's going to be a crazy trip and I just wish we could be there and cut out all of the actual traveling. We're going to look like gypsies at the airport with our carseats, strollers and tons of bags. We're borrowing a carseat in Ireland from friends and traveling with one, then in the US we'll buy one on Amazon and have my family bring that to the airport, so we can bring back an extra carseat for over here. Carseats will run $180 easily over here when you can get one for $40 in the US. Our Amazon list is also filled with random things you can't seem to find over here, such as Mod Podge, Sesame Street Fizzy Tub Color Tablets , balloons (melted unblow-up-able messes over here), vanilla extract (can't find due to alcohol content), Scrunci hair bands. It's little things that you definitely take for granted!  

On the job note I'm so glad to be leaving and getting away for 2.5 weeks! The now Non-supervisor is still being crazy and making everyone crazy. One of the partners thinks she must have bad pictures of the Senior partner or something. It makes no sense. They still haven't given me an official offer for the office manager job, but they have also relieved Non-supervisor of all of the administrative tasks she was meant to do and now she's just sticking to the job she already does terribly.  The issue is that all of the administrative tasks are now being tended to by no one and Non-supervisor has no qualms about saying it's not my job and not even providing any guidance. So nothing new...

Today was the breaking point for one of the other admins, Lily, who snapped after we all received invitations to webinars for organization, time management and not procrastinating...right. So she's moving desks away from the constant yelling of Non-supervisor and moving next to me. One of the Partners called me into his office to talk about what was going on with Lily and just how much Non-supervisor sucked. A friend emailed me to let me know one of her friends thought I might be interested in a position coming up soon. I'm praying the posted job will be as great as the one she described where the salary will be in a range that will allow us to put more toward my loans.

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