Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hot becomes cold

Just a tidbit about living in the Middle East. Around this time of year, generally a bit earlier for most people living in houses hot becomes cold when it comes to water. Our "cold" water tanks are on the roof. Well what happens when I giant tank of water sits on your roof in 120 degree weather, it's no longer cold. And our water heaters are all located in each bathroom and in the kitchen, which we can manually turn on and off via a switch in the room. So during the summer our "cold" water is super heated, like can become scalding very quickly and the water in the water heaters is cooled by the AC in the house, so it's all reversed. One friend doesn't have the water heaters/now coolers in each room and has to set a bath for her kids about 2 hours before they want to take a bath so it will cool down enough to put the kids in it. It also means that we can't let the kids wash their own hands all willy nilly and have to supervise so that they don't scald the crap out of their hands!

It's also a fact of life that every building you are in is super cooled to the point of chattering teeth and frozen fingers. People will often bring in space heaters for beat the cold in office buildings. Go figure, 11 days until vacation begins! I'm so excited and dreading the travel at the same time. We also need to get out of this country, short of the 12 hour visa runs back last year we haven't left the country since August. This is not normal for here, people get serious cases of "I need to get the f*ck out of here or I'm going to hurt someone" and I'm almost there. I'm not looking forward to the flights (more than 48 hours of transit), but the trip will be great!

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