Sunday, June 2, 2013

Job Prospects

So there have been some new developments.  I was offered 2 jobs.  One at a university and one as the Office Manager at my current job.  I really wanted the university job, it would have been amazing, a lot of responsibility, a lot of freedom to create programs that I wanted, but it was paying less than I'm making now.  The very next day I was asked if I wanted to be Office Manager. I ask about the salary and I still haven't heard back about that will determine whether or not I take the position or stay in my current post.  At this point, we're making double payments into my student loans and I want to keep being able to do that while still leaving work at the end of the day promptly at 5 and coming home to the girls.  I like being able to leave the office in the office and I like not being tied to the office via a Blackberry.

The thing that scares me about the Office Manager positon is that no one really seems to know what it entails; this includes the person who is currently doing it.  I'm a little afraid that there will be a LOT that hasn't been done over the past 2 years and I'll have to sort it all out as I've done with other tasks that have been handed over to me.  One task was given to me, which hadn't been done since August 2012 and a vendor had cut the office off.  I managed to sort it out in a month, but that was a fairly small task. Just imagine what might be lurking for me in one of the Supervisors boxes of doom.  This is where papers go to die in order to maintain the appearance of a clean, tidy and organized desk!  I was warned by some of the senior associates that previous Office Managers have been completely overwhelmed, had to come in on weekends and just seemed to be drowning.  That's not what I want at all. I also don't want to work in a completely dysfunctional office.

It's also weirding me out that I'm getting so excited about creating an office manual in my down time during the day.  The outline is already 9 pages long, I have plans for a Complete Guide, Fee Earners Quick Guide and an Admin Quick Guide.  Did you know you can create an index for a document using a concordance document? Amazing! I can't wait to start compiling all of the content.  

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