Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dublin Out!

So we're wrapping up the Dublin leg of our journey. The girls have had so much fun. Z calls her Granddad's back garden and best garden, which is totally cute and his little dog is definitely a fan favorite.

The flight over actually went surprisingly well. Boo had a minor crying spell before passing out on my lap about 45 minutes into the flight. Z decided she wanted to be up and about, so she had a bigger meltdown followed by passing out. All in all it was much better than my expectations and other than being so cold that I thought I might lose a toe, it was a good uneventful flight. We definitely know that for the trip back the essentials are our own small trash bag, short sleeve, long sleeve, hoodie layering for all of us as well as more of those blended food pouches for Boo.

 We were stuck at security for 30 minutes because of freaking liquids! They went through everything only to find a bottle of hand sanitizer or kids toothpaste. I was so ready to just say "LEAVE IT, we'll buy new stuff." We barely made our flight and had to double up the kids in the one umbrella stroller we had, which would have been cute if we weren't sprinting through the airport.

Once we arrived we realized how freaking cold 60 degrees feels when you're used to 115. So cold, so so cold. I'm thinking the US will be a much better in between temperature wise. Although the girls have been having fun, this trip has definitely highlighted the differences between Liam's family and my family when it comes to our visits. Liam's sister was here last weekend for a wedding, but tickets were too expensive for her to come this weekend. His oldest brother decided to go on a trip to Greece the week we are here and only came back to drop off some things for about 20 minutes before heading back out to the airport for his move to Singapore. We saw his twin brother, wife and their two kids that are the same age as our kids yesterday for dinner for 3 hours that's it. Also his father went off for a golf day with friends saying he would be able to pick us up from Liam's friend's house and left us stranded to the point that the friend had to give us a lift back to the house at about 9:30pm, we were supposed to be picked up at 8. His dad didn't get back to the house until 12am. I don't really mind people give us our space and letting us do things, but I mean really? We're here for a week and we see his brother once? We've seen Liam's good friend 3 times since we've been here are thinking of doing a holiday with them sometime in the near future.

Meanwhile my family will be arriving to the airport in 2 vans full of people and we will probably see about 20 family members in the first 24 hours. My mom is taking off the whole week of work to take us around everywhere and spend time with us. I think this is just the dynamics of my family and what I'm used to. If I went home and only saw 2 family members that weren't staying in the same house for a total 3 hours, I would be pissed and feel like wtf, why did I even come on this trip? Liam seems fine with it and again the girls are having a blast, I think it's just comparison-itis because we'll be visiting my family next and I think I'm processing this time as taking away from time I could be spending with my family. I think next week when my family is driving me crazy and we just want a few moments of quiet without 10 family members in the room I'll look back on this time more fondly.

Now the great shopping expedition begins and since apparently Amazon is now charging SALES TAX in my state I'm going to have to do some serious price comparisons between Target, Walmart and Amazon to determine what we will be buying where and what will go on the Dream Shopping/Shipping List. The seasonal stuff for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are making their way to the top of the list as well as a lot of kids books, which are impossible to find over there. We'll also be heading to the beach, aquarium, two zoos, two children's museums and just general running around. It's going to be crazy and the vacation after this vacation will be most welcome!

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