Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm still alive

We got back 2 weeks ago and things have been full throttle since then. The big developments are:

  1. Girls are over jetlag.
  2. Girls are sharing a room, both sleeping all night and not waking up until 7 or 7:30AM. There is a god!
    • Boo will wake in the night, drink a bottle we have sitting on the nightstand and put herself back to bed!!
  3. I have applied for 5 jobs since getting back and need to get out!
    • No longer Supervisor has now had essentially all of the duties she would think she should be doing heaped on my team. No-Longer-Supervisor will now be "managing more higher level tasks" - So I get to do her job and not get paid anymore for it...
    • I have some leads and am letting everyone in my network know I'm looking
  4. Liam has been moved off his HUGE project to 2 smaller projects
    • Kind of sucks because we don't know what the hours will be once Ramadan is over
    • Even more reason for me to get a job where I have been looking because his new job is right by my job and on the other side of town from the girls nursery
  5. It's really f*cking hot (115-120 with 90% humidity)! Nursery is closed, so the girls are cooped up inside all day with Melody and that definitely sucks
  6. I'm still combatting guilt about taking the girls away from my fam, especially when Z cries that she wants to go to Grandmom's house and misses cousin X, Y, Z, L, M, N, O, P

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  1. Hope you find something awesome soon! And yuck on the heat. Not quite as bad in Houston but similar humidity.