Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Office Manager

So it seems that by default and kind of against my will I'll be the new office manager. Without my prior knowledge, I had been referred to as the acting office manager. Glad everyone is on the same page. So my pay bump for taking on supervising a staff of 3, all financial duties (client invoicing, vendor billing, petty cash, handling all fee earner time and other tasks) and other office manager type jobs is a 5% pay 3 months possibly!

Apparently I negotiated a little too well in my initial job offer and I'm already making about the same as the trainee lawyers, other office managers in the country, and the former quasi-manager. I know I've been saying this for a while, but at this point knowing that there isn't much more of a financial ladder to climb I'm ready to jump ship for a job that pays as much and even less than I make now. I know with the jobs I'm applying for there would be some serious position/financial movement in a couple of years.

I figured I might as well take the title, so I can put it on my resume and make my applications stronger. The consensus with one of the partners was that even if I didn't officially take the job I would end up doing all of this stuff anyway because I'm the "most senior administrator". I have been there 5 months, the other two have been there for 10 months and 5 years!

There are 3 active applications out there, plus the position I turned down earlier in the summer because it would have been impossible to accomplish in the time frame given, which will be coming back up in a couple of months. I'm just hoping something good comes along before the end of September/probationary period when I only need to give 2 weeks notice.

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