Saturday, September 28, 2013

Private School Rollercoaster

But do I have a law degree is talking about the process she'll be going through for private school next year and this has me in almost cold sweats because we will be doing all of this for Z starting in 2 days. The first international school application open date is on Oct 1. There are no public schools over here where the language of instruction is English, at least not a level of English that wouldn't seriously damage Z. She's too young this year to go to the American school in town, but will be too old to stay in a nursery for another year (the law says kids get kicked out at 4).

Most applications for the international schools/UK schools are open January 1. We will need to go do school visits, applications,  interviews and a lot of hoop jumping. I have heard horror stories about this process where people don't get into any school or get into their first choice school 12 hours after putting down a $3000 non-refundable deposit. Many of the application cost around $140 a pop and that's making me dread it even more. There are about 5 schools that we would send Z to due to a mix of their curriculum, distance from our house and reviews I've heard from other people. It makes me happy that most likely it will only be for one year, but I'm not looking forward to all of this. And to think I laughed at all of the NYT articles about competitive parents in Manhattan schools and here I am...